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Cash For Cars in Raleigh

Newly located in North Carolina, we will buy your car in Raleigh! But wait. Who are we exactly? SellMax iwas founded by two men with a car buying ambition, SellMax is now taking its company from one coast to another. Cash For Cars in Raleigh is welcoming those who wish to be rid of their cars in exchange for cash.

So, what exactly are we looking for to buy someone’s car? We seek cars that are:

  1.     nice
  2.     in “as-is condition”
  3.     we buy damaged automobiles
  4.     non-running or junky

Our developing SellMax team in Raleigh is eager to assist those that are considering selling their cars. Rather than having to deal with pesky car salesman at a dealership, third party companies, or even the need for finding a junk yard in Raleigh, you can call us to make an appointment, and we can begin this quick and simple process.

We buy any cars from top notch, nice and shiny cars to beaten up junk cars in Raleigh. It doesn’t matter how great or how bad the condition your car is in! We have a buy-all-cars policy and we intend to stick by it. So, rest assured you can sell us your junk car. Our mission to you is to make not only us happy, but you as well so you can’t walk away with a positive attitude and some extra money to spend!

Interested, but unsure of how to get cash for your car in Raleigh?

You can either call us or drop by at our location, fill out little paper work that gives our Cash For Cars in Raleigh experts your information, and they will give you a quote! The last thing? It’s up to you whether you accept our quote or not! If you decide you need more time to consider our offer, take the time that you need! Your information can remain with us and we can hold off on the deal until you make the decision.

Cash For Cars in Raleigh is known to be a competitive company that will more than likely beat out our competitors’ offers! You know as well as we do that car dealerships will offer to pay for your car, but they will pay the least, but seemingly reasonable amount for your vehicle. Why settle for less? With us, you can be reassured that we will purchase your car and offer a fair price.

In addition, you will wonder why you didn’t come to us first because we will make and settle a deal with you within a couple of hours or less!

Why should I sell my car to your company in Raleigh?

We will work with your busy schedule. If you can’t spare the time to stop by our Raleigh location, we will come to you wherever you are. Our service at Cash For Cars in Raleigh will make a home appointment with you! We simply set up a date, lay out our offer, and the final decision is up to you. You can continue with any household chores that you have to catch up on while you wait for our staff to arrive at your home, it’s that simple! No more wasted hours or unnecessary time spent in a car dealership because we make our car buying process so quick and simple!

Not only can you have the comfort of this deal within your own home, but we will also pay to have your car towed, so you don’t even have to make time to carve out some time in your day to get your car towed after we purchase it. This also is beneficial to those with immovable cars that you want to make room in your driveway for a new and useful automobile.

What information do we need to know about your car? We need to know these 5 straightforward details about your car in order for us buy it:

  1.     Year
  2.     Make
  3.     Model
  4.     Condition
  5.     Location

After that, we’re already over halfway finished!

The best part- besides all of it?

There are no hidden fees! When dealing with us, we believe in being honest and transparent people that dislike the stickiness and coldness of hidden fees that other companies won’t tell you about until the fees creep up on you or after the ink has already dried.

After you stop by and sell your car to us, you’ll still have time for the many events going on in the Raleigh area. Near our location, stop by the William B. Umstead State Park that offers 22 miles of hiking trails or take a small stroll and unwind with beautiful scenery.

If you are a history or sports buff, you can stop by the North Carolina Museum of History for some brushing up on the state capital’s history! The museum also offers the North Carolina Sports Half of Fame that showcases more than 300 state legends.

If you are ready to start this process, we will be on the phone with you and getting the process started within minutes! Call us in our Raleigh location at (800) 225-7500. We are eager to assist you!

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Raleigh

1982 Cadillac DeVille 27605 03-30-2024 $996
2001 Chrysler Sebring 27607 03-29-2024 $346
1977 Toyota Mark II 27635 03-27-2024 $545
2013 Mazda SPEED3 27614 03-27-2024 $895
2005 Nissan Titan 27620 03-26-2024 $711
1957 Wartburg Sports Convertible 27606 03-24-2024 $468
2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello 27668 03-23-2024 $585
1993 Mercedes-benz G 27601 03-23-2024 $743
1992 Chrysler Town & Country 27615 03-23-2024 $835
2016 Nissan Frontier 27617 03-23-2024 $307
2024 MINI Hardtop 2 Door 27690 03-20-2024 $445
2002 Bentley Continental T 27616 03-19-2024 $355
1961 Jaguar E-Type 27625 03-19-2024 $536
2007 Maybach 57 27621 03-18-2024 $688
1998 Land-rover Discovery 27626 03-18-2024 $747

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