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Cash for Cars in Ann Arbor

SellMax in Ann Arbor City

Our name says it all! We are SellMax Cash For Cars and we buy cars in Ann Arbor City and surrounding areas. We provide cash for junk cars, nice cars, and aim to take unwanted vehicles off of your hands without all of the hassle typically involved in the car selling process.

The Process:

It’s simple. SellMax in Ann Arbor City wants to take you unwanted cars off your hands without you having to take a tedious trip to sell a car to a junk yard in Ann Arbor City. To do this, we’ve created a streamlined process that works effectively. When you contact us. we:

  • will give I’ve you a customized quote based on condition. We give instant quotes on junk cars too.
  • will schedule a time to come pick up the car, usually same day pickup!
  • will hand over your signed check
  • take care of all that paperwork
  • Plus, we provide free junk car removal.

How We Can Help You Sell A Car In Ann Arbor, MI:

Life is stressful enough, especially given the current climate. For most, the last thing they need or want to deal with is selling a vehicle and dealing with the long, tedious process that follows. Because we serve the greater Ann Arbor City area, we aim to help any and everyone who is looking for cash for their car. We want to alleviate that stress and let you focus on the things that matter most.

We Buy All Cars In Ann Arbor:

SellMax  in Ann Abor City wants YOUR car! Our clients love us because we accept nearly any and everything! Used cars, nice cars, junk, damaged, or non-running, you name it – we’ll purchase it! We understand life gets in the way and you may need swift action to get rid of cars. If you have any questions or need specifics regarding your car, reach out and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have! Past client’s vehicles have included: cars that don’t pass emissions tests, we've helped customers sell salvaged title cars, and new cars, all in as-is condition. That’s right! You don’t need to put in any work, calling us means we take care of the rest.

How Long Will It Take:

The process is swift! We’re fans of getting things done efficiently. From start to finish, it could take as little as one day (this isn't guaranteed). That means you can call us in the morning and watch us tow your car away by the end of the working day with your check in hand. We know once you make the decision to get rid of your car, you don’t want a transaction that drags on for weeks (we don’t either), in choosing SellMax Cash For Cars in Ann Arbor City, you choose efficiency.

How We Value Your Car:

Much like the rest of our process, valuing your car is straightforward. When you contact us, we’ll ask for a few details. These details include your vehicles, year, make, model, mileage. Additionally, we’ll ask some more questions regarding the condition. Things like damage and rust issues are important to know when assessing the value of your car. All of these factors, as well as the demand for the vehicle (ie. is it a popular make and model, a collectible or widely available car, etc.) will be considered when configuring the price for your specific vehicle.

What About the Paperwork?:

We’ll take care of it! Another benefit of choosing our company is that we help facilitate the riddance of your vehicle with no paperwork beyond what the necessary. In choosing us, you’ll save time and money that other methods don’t take into consideration. The days of scouring the classified ads are long over! Cash For Cars in Ann Arbor City means simplicity is guaranteed.

What Makes Us Different?:

Operating in and out of Ann Arbor City for nearly a decade means we have strong ties to the community and care about our neighbor’s well-being. Ask around! We have a great reputation in the community and our past clients describe us as being a great company to work with. We provide honest, friendly, and professional service to all of our customers. We’re licensed and bonded and pride ourselves in being up to date with current trends and needs. Plus, we tend to give great value for cars that don't run which companies like CarMax may not be very interested in.

Why You Should Choose us:

Cash For Cars in Ann Arbor City has extensive experience helping clients get rid of vehicles that no longer serve them. We offer cash for junk cars in and around Ann Arbor City, alleviating the burden by taking an active stance in the process. Long gone are the days of having to track a shady company in the phone book only to run circles around the city, instead let us come to you and simplify the process of junk car removal.

As mentioned above, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to discuss and provide more details to make you feel most comfortable with the process and specifically working with our company, SellMax Cash For Cars of Ann Arbor City.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Ann Arbor

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 48108 05-11-2024 $976
1996 Nissan 200 SX Silvia 48109 05-11-2024 $518
2005 Chrysler Voyager 48113 05-08-2024 $658
1953 Mercedes-benz 300 48106 05-08-2024 $539
2007 Land-rover LR3 48108 05-08-2024 $452
2009 Mercedes-benz E 48106 05-08-2024 $560
2001 Marcos GTS 48104 05-07-2024 $587
2010 Pontiac G3 48113 05-05-2024 $751
1973 Ferrari 246 48107 05-04-2024 $790
1998 Plymouth Pronto Cruiser 48107 05-04-2024 $836
1985 Ford Mustang 48105 05-02-2024 $955
1990 Toyota Corolla 48103 04-30-2024 $880
2007 Volvo S80 48103 04-29-2024 $683
2010 Jeep Commander 48105 04-28-2024 $680
2001 Marcos GTS 48109 04-28-2024 $878

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