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Plano, Texas, you are a beautiful city, and we mean it! We looked you up, we see you, and you have almost everything a great city could want, and now we want to make sure you can get cash for cars in Plano too! And SellMax intends to be the only one for you. 


High in education (you guys and gals are so smart), one of the best cities for transportation, diverse and super eco-friendly, we can’t say enough about how great Plano is, but we probably will so just take the compliments as they come.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW About Selling Your Car In Plano

So now that you've got all the big stuff covered how about not sweating the small stuff either?

While selling your junk car isn't really "small," SellMax thought we could make it a little less complicated. We buy cars in Plano, Texas no matter what kind of condition.


If you've been asking yourself "How can I sell my car In Plano" you're in the right spot. NO MATTER WHAT CONDITION IT IS IN!!! 


Sorry to yell but we really want to get that point across because it’s true! And here are some more cars we take:


·      Old cars

·      New cars

·      Smelly cars

·      Junk cars (we have a junkyard in Plano!)

·      Cars that run

·      Cars that don’t run

·      Cars that kind of run

·      Cars that have tires

·      Cars that don’t have tires

·      Your ex's car

·      Your great aunt’s, cousin’s, friend’s car



Getting cash for your junk car in Plano is so simple you have to wonder why you haven’t heard of us before? We don’t know either, but now is our chance to tell you all about what we do and how we did, and how fast we do it. 


SellMax has heard countless stories about people needing to get rid of their car, old and new, but we want to hear more! And we want to give you cash for it!


Not only can you get cash for cars in Plano, but you can get cash for cars in Plano in ONE DAY, AND WE WILL TOW IT AWAY FOR YOU WITH NO ADDED FEE! 


We have to make the words bigger to really get the point across with this. It's not just easy to use SellMax, but there's also no crazy fees hiding around. And getting you cash for your car is just a few clicks away. 



Here’s just a few instructions and in a matter of minutes we can tell you just how much cash you could be getting:


1.    Tell us more about the car, only some necessary information such as the make, model and year of the car, and a few details about it, and that's just about it!

2.    Next, the computer does some calculating, and then you get an estimated quote on what we think might the value of the car. Oh, we don't just operate online. You can also do the very same thing over the phone too. We are more than happy to chat, and we would especially love to hear about you and how your day has been.

3.    If you’re ready, the next thing to do is let someone from SellMax give that ol’ car a one on one visit. We just want to see it, look it over, ask it a few questions, and jot down a few notes.

4.    The biggest part of all of this is also one of the last steps; sign some papers. We do our best to limit the paperwork but once you look the papers over, sign that Plano resident name, we process the papers and you are done! Go get your cash!


So that was just four things to do to get you some extra cash, and I don't want to let you go just yet because I want to tell you that most of our customers get this done in less than a day! It worked for them, and it's possible for you!


Think about all the things you could do with some extra $$$ to throw around. Well, maybe not throw around, but gently toss around at least. Or it never hurts to start saving if you haven’t already! We know it’s your money that you deserve Plano, so whether you want to keep that money or head out to the Plano International Festival with your loved ones, SellMax is here and ready to help. 



Give us a call at (800) 225-7500. We want to hear from you, talk to you, answer all your questions, and mostly we want you for your cars, and to get you the cash that you want. So if all of this sounds good then whenever you are ready, we'll be waiting, and your cash is waiting for you!

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Plano

1995 Lexus LX 75086 07-24-2020 $758
1955 Ford Zephyr 75074 07-23-2020 $530
2008 Subaru Tribeca 75086 07-21-2020 $571
1981 Porsche 944 75094 07-21-2020 $913
2011 Kia Forte 75094 07-21-2020 $384
2007 Land-rover Freelander 75023 07-20-2020 $483
2015 Ford Flex 75024 07-20-2020 $334
2016 Kia Sorento 75075 07-18-2020 $625
2012 Audi A4 75023 07-18-2020 $785
2000 Volvo S70 75026 07-16-2020 $857
2010 Nissan GT-R 75093 07-14-2020 $985
1980 Volvo 240 75093 07-12-2020 $945
1984 Gmc Suburban 75025 07-12-2020 $760
1961 Ford Taunus 75025 07-11-2020 $728
1990 De-tomaso Pantera 75026 07-11-2020 $916

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