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We at SellMax Cash for Cars in McKinney know you have big goals to achieve and we want to help you get started. Many of our customers have their payment in cash within an hour of showing their car to an agent. With our ridiculously easy sales process, we’ll have a pile of cash in your hands today.


We Make selling your car easy in McKinney.


If you’re on this page, we’re going to bet this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about selling your car. The truth is, finding a junk car buyer yourself in McKinney or anywhere else can be difficult.

You’re only one person but to sell your car you need to be your own cleaner, photographer, and painter- and that’s before you receive any offers. If you’ve ever tried to sell something online, you know that you’re likely to receive hundreds of irrelevant or even offensive messages. Plus, when meeting with a prospective buyer in person, you never know who you’re dealing with and you run the risk of them driving away with your car!


The car buying market is also extremely diverse; unless you’re an expert, you might find it hard to get a good deal on your vehicle. Even if you do manage to find a good offer, you have a risk of liability if something goes wrong in the hands of your car’s new owner.



Why Should I Sell My Car To SellMax In McKinney?

Let SellMax Cash for Cars in McKinney make this the easiest and best car selling experience you’ve ever had. We commonly give our customers cash for their cars the day they call. And we base our rates of a fair market value calculation so you know you’ll be getting a fair price.

Additionally, we are well known throughout the nation. We started off paying cash for cars in Los Angeles, and then we opened a cash for cars office in Houston. Now, we service all of Texas.

We are equal opportunity car lovers

Does your car have a face only a mother could love? Well, no worries. Here at SellMax Cash for Cars in McKinney we love cars just the way they are. So whether your car is brand-new and barely touched or a well-loved salvaged car, we’d love to buy it from you. Whether it’s a convertible or a pickup truck, a sedan or a minivan, we’ll pay you in cash for it. Whether you’re selling a damaged car, or a car in perfect condition, we’d love to have it.


We’ll pick it up for you

In fact, we love cars so much we’ll come and pick them up from you anywhere in McKinney or outside of town. If you need help with junk car removal, we can tow it for you! And instead of having to pay a towing company, we actually give you cash for junk cars.


Don’t lose cash selling to a junk yard or dealership

You may be considering bringing your car to a junk yard in McKinney or trading in a car at a dealership. But we want to make sure you get as much money as you can for your vehicle. You are likely leaving hundreds of dollars on the table unnecessarily if you choose one of these options.

Junk yards are notorious for giving you far less than your vehicle is really worth. Trading in a car at a dealership to get a discount on a newer car may sound like a good deal but the reality is their business model depends on giving you less than your car is really worth!

At SellMax Cash for Cars in McKinney, we calculate every offer based on a fair market rate so with us, you’re guaranteed to get a good deal every time.


Selling Your Junk Car To SellMax Is As Easy As Counting Sheep

The process is so easy you could do it in your sleep- of course, we’d prefer to have you awake when you’re showing us your car. Our friendly customer service agents in McKinney are waiting to help whenever you give us a call. We’ll help you fill out a simple form online or in-person and dispatch an expert to your location of choice within the day. From there, it takes less than an hour for us to take a look at your car, help you sign another easy form and hand you a fat wad of cash.


Best of all, there are absolutely no hidden fees or fines. All the cash is yours to keep.



We can’t wait to buy your old car


We buy cars in McKinney of all kinds and we frequently pay in cash within one hour of sending an agent to your house or prefered location. We strive to make your car selling experience as easy and fast as possible. We’ll love your car no matter what it looks like and we’ll give you a fair price on it. Call SellMax Cash for Cars in McKinney and get cash for your car today!

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