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Hola McAllen! We at SellMax Cash for Cars are proud to operate a locally run business to provide you the easiest and fastest way to sell your car for a good price. Give us a call today and get cash in hand for your car in as little as one hour like many of our satisfied customers. We started this business because we knew there had to be a better way to sell cars.

Trading in a car at a dealership or junk yard in McAllen risks leaving hundreds of dollars on the table because these companies rely on a business model of offering you less than your car is truly worth.

We base our offers on a scrap car price market rate calculation, so you know you’re getting a great rate every time. And we bring fast, personalized, and professional service to your doorstep to create the easiest car selling experience every time.

We Buy Cars In McAllen In Any Condition

You may be worried about fixing up your car to make it appealing to a private buyer or dealership, but you don’t need to be self-conscious with us. We’ll love your car just the way it is. Cars in great condition and cars that need a little fixing up are both welcome here. And yes- we buy cars of every shape, size, model, and make. Individuals often choose to work with us when they have to sell a damaged car and that’s totally ok with us.


We’ll even give you cash for junk cars in McAllen, TX

That’s right- no more paying to get your car towed to a junk yard in McAllen, Texas and getting less than half its retail value.

We’ll tow your damaged car or salvaged car for you AND leave you with cash in hand. No matter the condition of your car, SellMax Cash for Cars will buy it from you. So, if you’ve been putting of selling your salvage car give us a call today.


Should I Sell My Car To A Private Party?

Now you may be wondering if selling your car privately could get you a better deal. Here’s a story for you:

Two people decide to sell their cars...

Maribel and Max are two long-time McAllen residents who both decide to sell their cars. They have the same vehicle, a 1996 Honda Civic, in the same price, color and condition. Max takes four weeks to sell his car and receives $800. A little while later, Max gets served with a lawsuit. Maribel takes one hour to sell her car and receives $1600 in cash. Soon after, Maribel gets a delicious plate of nachos for dinner. What was the difference between Maribel and Max’s car selling strategies? And how can you make sure your experience is more Maribel than Max?

How not to sell your car:


First, let’s see how Max went about selling his car:


He realizes his car had some scratches so he spends a few hours painting over them. Then he washes the car and finds a hand vacuum to clean out crumbs and dirt from the inside. By the end of the day, he is exhausted.



The next day, he takes some pictures of his car and uploads them onto a popular online sales website like craigslist and waits for the offers to role in.



And waits...



And waits...


Over the next several days, the offers start to trickle in. However, none of them are in Max’s desired price range. He has to reduce his ask in order to get more traffic. Over several weeks, he had a number of buyers ask to come by his home to check out his car.


Max doesn’t feel comfortable with this since he has a young family, so he has to leave the neighborhood each time. Finally, he finds someone willing to buy the car. It’s much less than he hoped to get but he’s so tired by this point he accepts the offer.



Three weeks later, he hears a knock on his door and gets served. It turns out his buyer is suing him due to a malfunction with the car’s engine he knew nothing about.



He groans and thinks “There has to be another way to sell my car…”.



Get extra cash for nachos, not lawsuits



His neighbor Maribel calls SellMax Cash For Cars in McAllen. She chats with a friendly agent who helps her fill in a short online form.That afternoon, an expert car buyer meets her at a neighborhood taqueria to look at the car. He helps Maribel sign some simple paperwork and hands her an envelope full of cash less than an hour later. Maribel takes the $1600 and gets herself a delicious plate of nachos.


When it comes to selling your car, we’re guessing you want to be like Maribel, not Max.


So, here’s how to have your junk car removed in McAllen, TX


Give us a call at SellMax Cash for Cars and our renowned local customer service agents in McAllen will help you fill in a simple informational form about your car either online or over the phone. We’ll then dispatch an expert representative to your home or location of choice, usually within the same day! Then after a quick look at your car, they will make you an offer and help you fill out simple paperwork. Then, we hand you a big envelope full of cash.

Deal With A Trusted Name In The Car Buying Industry

We’ve been purchasing used cars from private parties for over a decade. Our beginning our humble as we started off as a small company paying cash for cars in the San Diego area. However, we quickly grew and began offering cash for cars in Las Vegas. After that things escalated pretty quickly, and we became a nationwide car buying service.


That’s it. Best of all, no hidden forms, fees or addendums. All the cash is yours to keep. Call SellMax Cash for Cars in McAllen for the best value on your car today!


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