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Laredo, Laredo, Laredo, Texas! It’s just fun to say your name honestly, but we also need to talk about how you can get cash for cars in Laredo too!

SellMax wants cars, and we buy cars in Laredo, Texas, and we want cars of any kind and in condition. And we mean ANY condition! It doesn't matter how old (or even new) the car is, SellMax wants it, and we can give you some sweet, leafy greens (also known as money, or bucks, or bills, it's called a lot of things) in exchange! 


We said we buy cars in Laredo in any condition, but we really, really, really mean it!


·      We buy used cars

·      We buy new cars

·      We buy cars that run

·      We buy wrecked cars

·      We buy cars with a blown engine.

·      We buy cars that don’t run

·      We buy junk cars (Yes, we will give cash for junk cars in Laredo!)

·      We buy cars that are every in between, and we made how to do it simple, easy, and fun!


Well, kind of fun, we try to anyways. But we did at least make the process of selling your car simple. One of the best parts is that we made it so that it’s not just simple, but quick! So quick that we have had many happy customers go online (or give us a call) and in the very same day we sent out one of our team members to finalize everything and get our customers cash right then and there!



Doesn't that sound awesome?! We hope it does. But I'll also do a quick rundown for you right here, just in case you have any questions that SellMax can answer for you right now.


·      What's your car? We just want to know a few things like the make, model, year and a few things we should know about how good (or bad) the condition of the car is. Less is not more for us. The more you share, the better we can help and make sure you get the most cash for your car! 

·      Based off the information you give us we will generate an estimated quote on what we think might be the value of your car, and if you have any questions or doubts (we don't mind the doubts) then reach out to us, and we will make sure to get the best number for you

·      What’s your schedule? When we get your estimate sorted, we want to send someone over to you and wherever the car is to get a better look. As we said before, we can send someone that day, depending on your schedule. All they have to do is look over the car, get some papers in order, and all you have to do is let them do their thing!

·      Once the paperwork part is done, we will give you some time to look it over, and after a few signatures we require from you we will process the papers, and then you are ready for some cash!


We told you that SellMax made getting cash for cars in Laredo quick and easy, but we also have some extra benefits that we think you will love to know about. And SellMax believes that you should be able to have your cake and eat it too without worry.

·      No extra fees! Who needs them? We don't, and you don't, nobody does, so we made sure that what we do costs nothing extra for you

·      Free towing! Yes, free towing for your car, and we will come and get it at your house, your work, or even your friends' house that might be       storing it for you because you ran out of space. Doesn't matter, the SellMax junk car buyers will come grab it and even those old junkers, we have a junk yard in Laredo too!

·      Online and over the phone service! Maybe you don't like dealing with pesky technology or computers, we understand, and we still want to help, so take a few minutes and grab the phone because we have several people who can answer all your questions and get you all the help you need

And now if you’re ready then let’s go! Call us at (800) 225-7500)


Imagine Laredo, what you could with a few extra bucks to spend or save. Maybe take a weekend excursion and hit a round of golf with some buddies at the Max A. Mandel Municipal Golf Course? Or take the family (or just yourself) out to one of Loredo’s infamous authentic Mexican restaurants, and go extra on those chips and guacamole! Or start saving up for that Europe trip you’ve been talking to your colleagues about for years, whatever the case, SellMax wants to make it happen for you! 


We're here, and we're ready and waiting for you Loredo, Texas!

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