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SellMax wants your car, well to be more specific, SellMax wants to give you cash for cars in Irving, Texas and we can get you that cash fast and easy! 

Rain or shine, we buy cars in Irving! 

SellMax made getting cash for cars in Irving as easy as Apple Strudel Pizza. Usually the saying is "easy as pie," but we heard you guys and gals in Irving make Apple Strudel Pizza and we had to comment on it, and how amazing it is!


Irving, we know you have questions, and we have answers, let’s not waste any more time and get started!

What's the first step you might ask? Well, first we need to say this isn't a step one through fifty process; it's a lot easier than that! We just need some basic info.


·      Give us that basic info-If you know the make, model, year and condition of your car, then you're fantastic and you've made the most significant step towards getting that cash

·      We give you a quote-After going over that basic info, and where the car is located, we'll tell you what we think the estimated value of your car is currently, and if you're okay with the number then we take it one step further!

·      Tell us when to come to you-It's your day, it's your time, and it's your schedule. And between the all the Boy Scout Meetings, Irving high school football games and food festivals, we know your time is valuable, so you give us a date and time, and we work with you 

·      Simple car inspection-Just what we said, a simple car inspection to check the condition of the car in person, we make some notes on our end, we give you some papers on your end, sign your name and you’re on to the final step!

·      Quick processing-We process the papers (super fast, we promise) and then if all turns out green you get paid!


And that is it folks, that’s really how easy it is to get cash for cars in Irving, Texas. I know you may have thought it would be harder, and hey, if you're still not sure then give us a call or go online and see for yourself!



We told you about the process, but shame on us, we didn’t tell you about the type of cars we take, our bad! Let’s dive into that right away.


To put it frankly, we take ALL CARS! Literally, there’s no gimmick to it either. It doesn’t matter what kind of condition it’s in or even if the car isn’t running.

If we can tow it, we’ll take it! We often pay $500 in cash for junk cars in Irving too! 

Junk cars, good cars, bad cars, big cars, small cars, cool cars, ugly cars, rusting cars, literally we will take all the cars! We have a junk yard in Irving, so it makes it easy for you and us, how cool is that?!


So, to make it really, really, super-duper clear Irving, we want cars, ANY AND ALL CARS, WE WANT THEM!


I hope that all got cleared up. But there's just a few more things you need to know, and they're critical so read carefully.


·      SellMax has no extra fees. Yes, it’s true, those little fine print hidden fees that people are always talking about, we don’t have them. Our company is a familed owned business that started out paying cash for cars in San Diego, and we like to stick to our roots.

·      SellMax will tow your car and provide the junk car removal for free. Free, free, free, did we mention it’s free? It’s free, the towing we mean, the towing is free. Even if the car is at your ex's house, we will hop on over and tow it away at no cost to you!

·      SellMax can provide cash for your car the same day you inquire. Numerous people have called or gone online for their free quote and within hours had their cash in hand.

Think about how many weeks, months, or even years that you’ve been talking about selling that old junk car or that junker out in your dad’s backyard, or you just know someone who could really clean out their garage and they’ve been complaining to you about their old car, and with SellMax you could get that taken care of instantly! So, if you been wondering, "How can I sell my junk car", be sure to give us a call.


Wait no further, get an online quote for your junk car.

Or if you prefer the phone, give us a ring: (800) 225-7500.


Think about all those things you could do with some extra money to burn. The North Texas Beer and Wine Festival, Shin's Donuts, or money for your next costume for the Dallas Comic Con next door, whatever your heart desires we want to help you fulfill it, get ahold of us now!

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1995 Plymouth Prowler 75061 07-23-2020 $748
2011 Volkswagen Beetle 75015 07-22-2020 $948
2001 Honda S2000 75037 07-21-2020 $973
2009 Lexus RX 75061 07-19-2020 $974
1969 Ford Mustang 75014 07-19-2020 $360
1964 Porsche 911 75060 07-17-2020 $779
2017 Infiniti QX50 75039 07-17-2020 $805
1967 Austin-healey 3000 Mk III 75062 07-17-2020 $941
1951 Rolls-royce Silver Wraith 75038 07-15-2020 $457
1960 Mazda R 360 75017 07-15-2020 $621
1986 Plymouth Turismo 75063 07-15-2020 $759
1979 Toyota Mark II 75016 07-12-2020 $906
2015 Lincoln MKT 75016 07-11-2020 $724
2010 Alpina B5 75014 07-10-2020 $464

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