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Sell Your Car For Cash In Garland, Texas

We buy cars in Garland, and we buy them all no matter what the condition is.


·      Doesn't run? No problem. We frequently purchase clunkers for cash. We will come to you wherever the car is, and tow it away!

·      Runs but it’s missing a few parts? Still no problem, we want it, missing pieces and all

·      Junk cars? Yes! We give cash for your junk cars in Garland too (We have a junk yard in Garland!)

·      Wonder about that car that's still sleek, shiny and runs like new? We don't just want the old and used up cars, and we want newer ones too, we want them all!

·      Any type, any model, any color, and ANY CONDITION! 

Why should you sell your car to SellMax In Garland?

SellMax has a simple, few steps process that we made sure means will get you the most cash for your car. We could all do with a simple process, right? Look no further then, SellMax has it!


If you’re ready to find out how to get cash for cars in Garland, then we're prepared to tell you all about how fast and easy it is, and how you can get cash in your pocket in one day! Our company started out paying cash for used cars in San Diego, but we've perfected our process and expanded throughout the nation.


Usually we would say "Get cash in your pocket today!" but if you're reading thing at 2 o'clock in the morning then we wouldn't be able to oblige by that, and we want to make you promises we can keep, like how we promise free junk car removal and towing! If free towing interests you, then hold that thought, we'll go over all the other excellent benefits of using SellMax after we tell you about how we do what we do.

Here's How To Get Cash For Your Car

·      First, we want to know about your vehicle, so we can get an estimate on what it's worth. Simply go online (or call us, we're not afraid of our phones) and tell us the make, model, year of your car and a bit about the history and condition.

·      Second, after we do a bit of checking and crunch some numbers, we’ll give you a quote, then you tell us “yay” or “nay” if you’re happy with the number.

·      Third, if you're happy with the number and you're ready to keep going, then we're available, and we will have someone come on out to where your car is, at the best date and time that works for you. If you’re ready to have someone come out that same day, let us know! 

·      Fourth, when one of our lovely guys or gals from SellMax comes, we’ll say a quick “Hello” and “How do you do?” and begin a small inspection of the vehicle. We’re going to bring some paperwork with us too

·      Finally, if everything looks right to SellMax then all we need is a few more details from you, a couple signatures, dot the "t's" and cross the "i's" (it's backward, did you get that?) then we go back and process the papers and get you the cash!  

Why SellMax?

As promised, it’s just a few steps, and our people at SellMax are available to answer any questions or talk over any concerns or thoughts you might have. Got any problems with the title? Or the car isn’t paid off yet? Not a problem, SellMax is willing to work you on all of that, and we will do all we can to make sure it's quick and easy. We frequently help individuals sell cars without the title.


Now, remember a little while ago (not time-wise but a bit further back in the article we mean) we talked about some more benefits to using SellMax? I think now is the best time to tell you.


·      HIDDEN FEES-We mean we don’t have them, so there’s one less thing to worry about right there!

·      TOWING IS FREE-We mentioned that before but not in all caps, but seriously, the towing is free!

·      HONESTY AND GOOD PEOPLE-So, this one might be a little cheesy, but we had to mention it as a benefit for you. We don't like hearing about people getting stuck in the small print, or dealing with nasty traders, or even companies who aren't fully licensed like we are, but we do like helping people sell their junk cars as soon as possible.


So, we covered the kind of cars SellMax will take, the quick and straightforward steps to getting you the cash for cars in Garland, and the extra benefits, did we leave anything out? Oh yes one more thing, our contact!


How could we ever forget? Start over the phone at: (800) 225-7500 or get an online quote for your junk car.


Hurry now so you can get the cash before the next sale at Bass Pro Shop ends! 

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Garland

2008 Cadillac SRX 75041 09-19-2021 $864
1999 Ford Ranger 75040 09-19-2021 $998
2012 Kia Sedona 75046 09-18-2021 $736
1952 Ferrari 500 F2 75049 09-18-2021 $929
1981 Aston-martin V8 Volante 75043 09-17-2021 $477
1976 Porsche 911 75043 09-14-2021 $576
1954 Rolls-royce Silver Wraith 75046 09-12-2021 $601
1972 Buick Skylark 75047 09-12-2021 $491
2002 Jaguar XJR 75045 09-11-2021 $866
1998 Land-rover Discovery 75047 09-09-2021 $989
1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 75045 09-08-2021 $312
2011 Chevrolet Avalanche 75041 09-07-2021 $335
1981 Mercury Lynx 75042 09-07-2021 $765
1995 Cadillac Eldorado 75044 09-07-2021 $680
2007 Audi Q7 75049 09-06-2021 $457

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