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Do you have an old car that just won’t get you from A to B anymore? Do you have a junker that you've wanted to get rid of for years but you keep putting it off? Or do you just have a used car that you can’t find the time to sell on your own? Well whatever the case, SellMax has you covered! We buy cars in Fort Worth, and we buy in cash! 

Why Should I Sell My Car To SellMax in Ft. Worth?

We want to help you, first and foremost, so we made things quick, easy, with the least amount of paperwork possible, and we will come to you!

Living in Fort Worth keeps your life busy, and we get it. You want to go out with the family on a nice weekend trip to the Fort Worth Zoo or a historic trip to the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, but you could use some extra cash for the journey and you just haven't found the time in your busy schedule to sell that used car you don't want anymore. If this is you, contact SellMax today as we buy junk cars for cash.

We Buy All Cars In Fort Worth, Texas

***Check it out: It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in, SellMax will give cash for junk cars, used cars, running cars, not running cars, all the cars!!***

Some people in Fort Worth have asked us, “But what about my wrecked car? Will SellMax still buy it?” The answer is yes, a hundred times, yes! 

Still got questions? Here is all you need to know about SellMax:

·      Car damaged? No problem! We understand that cars get some wear and tear over the years, we'll take it! Plus, we offer junk car removal for free.

·      Car not running or starting? Still, we don't care (about the condition of the car, not you!) and we will come and get it whether it runs or not! 

·      Nice/like new cars? Yup, we take them too!

·      As-is condition? Junker?  Rusty? Beat up? Any kind? Again yes! SellMax in Fort Worth will take it!

·      Blown Engine? No Problem.

Maybe you know a neighbor with junkers in their yard, and you want to lend them a hand, send them over to SellMax, their junkyard in Fort Worth will take it! 

Still not sure if SellMax in Fort Worth is the best? Here’s something else you might not know, SellMax could buy your car the SAME DAY you call! That's right, your car could be out of your hair in one day, and you could have some cash in your pocket for that weekend trip to the Fort Worth Texas Motor Speedway. 

SellMax can you give an immediate offer over the phone, in-person and online. It's that simple, quick, and secure. And don’t worry, there’s more than one person to answer the phone and take you through the process step by step, you won’t be waiting on hold or speaking to a robot. 

Wanting to sell your car, no matter what condition it’s in, is a hassle and we know it costs a lot of time and stress in your already busy life. You need to find out the value, what’s fair, where to sell it and how to sell, and then there’s the paperwork, but the way SellMax works will put all of that worry to ease for you. 

How Does Getting Cash For My Car With SellMax Work?

So now if you’re interested, let’s break it down how things work at SellMax.

·      Details, details, details-Answer a few questions and state a few words about the car you want to get rid of, but don't worry, the form will take you step by step quickly

·      Get a quote-You will get a quote on how much your car is worth based on the information you provide, you're one step closer to the fast cash

·      Pick a day-We work with a day and time that is best for you, and best of all, we come to YOU! That's right, and whether it's at your home, your work or your best friends' moms’ cousin’s daughter’s recital, we will be there

·      Look over, and sign-Our team will take a look over of your car and have you sign a few papers and boom, you're done!

·      Get your cash-Once the papers are sorted you are paid instantly…and there's one more thing.

·      No Fees-Sounds too good to be true, I know, but it is. No processing fees, no towing charges, none of that!

Online and over the phone, getting cash for your car in Fort Worth with SellMax is fast and easy. You can call (800) 225-7500. SellMax is also friendly and available on social media! Check us out on Twitter and Facebook. 

Still have more questions or concerns? Give us a call, and SellMax will be there to answer all your questions, but most importantly, get you cash for your car! 

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Fort Worth

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2013 Mercedes-benz G 76102 07-20-2020 $333
2011 Mini Cooper Countryman 76197 07-20-2020 $683
2018 Jeep Cherokee 76147 07-19-2020 $849
1990 Subaru Justy 76116 07-19-2020 $875
2019 Lexus RX 450h 76124 07-18-2020 $885
1993 Bmw M5 76122 07-17-2020 $508
1985 Aston-martin V8 Zagato 76181 07-16-2020 $684
2002 Cadillac XLR 76129 07-15-2020 $422
1999 Bmw 540 76177 07-15-2020 $302
2013 Chevrolet Tahoe 76105 07-11-2020 $508
1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass 76137 07-11-2020 $383
1982 Mercury LN7 76163 07-09-2020 $487
2011 Toyota Tundra 76111 07-09-2020 $349
2002 Buick LeSabre 76130 07-09-2020 $341

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