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Cash For Cars Amarillo, TX - Sell Any Car

We make it as quick and easy as ever to sell your car for cash. Have you ever heard of SellMax? No? Darn. But no worries, because we’re here to tell you all about us and how you can get cash for cars in Amarillo! That sounds good, right?

SellMax works with cities all over to get people cash for their cars fast. We started out paying cash for junk cars in San Diego. But, now we buy cars in Amarillo, and we make it fun, simple, and as quick as possible. So quick that all it could take is a phone call, and within just a few hours you've got the money in your pocket!

Really though, we made getting cash for cars in Amarillo easier than the Big Texan 72oz steak challenge! 



Are you wondering what kind of cars SellMax will take? Great, because we want to tell you! It's a little complicated, so read on slowly.


Here are the kinds of cars we take:


·      ANY!!!


And yeah that's pretty much it, we know it was a bit complicated so thank you for bearing with us. We pride ourselves with honesty, and we can honestly tell you Amarillo, that no matter what kind of condition your car is in, SellMax will take it!


·      Junk Cars-Yup, we give cash for junk cars in Amarillo.

·      Running/Not Running-Believe it or not, even if your car doesn’t run, we will love it just the same

·      Like New-Maybe you have a relatively new car, and you won a brand new one or had one passed down to you, we'll gladly give you lots of monies for it!

·      Questionable Cars-You know the kind we are talking about, they're not junk cars, but they're questionable cars. Maybe the original paint is almost gone, the steering wheel is gone, the tires are gone, the doors are gone, it's a damaged car or the radio is gone. SellMax doesn't care, and we'll take it!

·    Clunkers- Yes, even though cash for clunkers is over we'll still purchase them from you.


So, let’s recap on the kind of cars we take. If it doesn’t make complete sense yet, SellMax will take ANY car in ANY condition, period.  End of that story. Get it? Got it? Cool! 


*If you’re still wondering about your car, don’t sweat it, feel free to give us a call at any time just to triple or quadruple check.


Now let’s get down to business, the business we are in, which is getting you cash for cars in Amarillo and making sure you get the best experience ever.


We want you to get to know about us a little bit first, so that you know how honest and friendly we are!


First of all, Amarillo, we don't tack on any small print or extra fees. No, at the end of it all you should get your cash, and that's it, so we promise can promise you that! Second, we don't just work with you in any condition your car is in, and we work with you no matter what is going on "behind the scenes." We mean if you lost your title, or not sure what happened to the registration, SellMax will still be there every step of the way and help you as much as we can.  


And Amarillo, we want you to know that one of our best deals is that you don’t have to come to us, we come to you, and we will tow your car away for free! Yes, the towing and removal of your junk car is all on us. We have a junk yard in Amarillo that makes that simple process even simpler!


So now you got to know a little more about us, now let’s get to that breakdown.

Here's how to sell your car to SellMax


·      Car Details-We need to know a little bit about the car. Tell us the make, model, year, condition and location and then you'll get a quote for you junk car online, or via the phone.

·      Schedule a Time-If you like the quote you received from us, excellent! Then let us know how to contact you to get one of our specialists over to take a look at the car. They need a few minutes to look it over, and in the meantime, we'll have you sign some papers, we promise it doesn't take long.

·      Paper Processing-It’s the most “business” part of the process, but we got it down so quick that most people have been able to get their car looked at and their papers approved in a matter of hours! So, if everything looks good, then guess what the final step is?

·      Money, Money, Money-Not just an ABBA song, it’s real life, and we deliver it to you! Cash is good for you, right?


And there you have it Amarillo, the only thing we have left to tell you is that we can’t wait to hear from you, and here’s how to get ahold of us: fill out our form online, or call us at (800) 225-7500. Our team is standing by, ready to help, and will work to get you as much cash as possible for your car, call us to make it happen!

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