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Cash for Cars in Abilene

It’s finally time to sell your car. Perhaps you’ve developed a new mechanical issue that you don’t want to pay to fix, or perhaps you’re just tired of the funny noise coming from under the hood and want something a little shinier that you can show off. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or just getting rid of the old beater that’s been rusting away behind your garage for years, calling SellMax is a simple and easy way to get an almost instant cash offer for your car.


Why Should I Sell My Car to SellMax In Abilene, Texas?

SellMax is a company that pays cash for cars in Abilene. Abilene has a practical, no-nonsense cowboy spirit, and SellMax wants to make the process of selling your car just as practical and laid-back. This is our process: we’ll come to you at your home or another meeting place, conduct a simple inspection of your car to determine its value, make the best and most competitive cash offer we can, and leave it up to you to accept.



We Come to You And Buy Your Junk Car For Cash


The process of selling a car is usually filled with inconveniences and travel, whether that means driving to dealerships to try to negotiate a trade-in offer or meeting strangers in abandoned parking lots to arrange a test drive, only to get lowballed and continue searching.



When you want to sell a car, you’ve got these traditional options:


  • Find a buyer yourself
  • Trade your car in at a dealership
  • Find a junkyard


The Problem With Trading In A Car At A Dealership

The search for a buyer can be difficult and disappointing, and dealerships are intent on selling you a new car. They are sometimes less enthusiastic about accepting cars with high mileage, mechanical issues, or salvaged titles. Junkyards can undervalue your car, and you might have to arrange and pay for a tow if your car doesn’t run. Luckily, there’s a better way to get cash for cars in Abilene.


We Buy Cars Fast in Abilene

SellMax wants to get rid of the frustration you might experience selling your car by revolutionizing the car buying process in Abilene, eliminating the need for time-wasting travel and negotiation. We’re a junk car buyer with a better approach: we come to your home in Abilene and pay you on the spot for your car, leaving you with cash equivalent to its value. That means you don’t have to go anywhere, and you don’t have to waste time looking for a buyer: instead, the buyer comes to you.


We Are Trusted And Safe

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to sell a used car are the scammers and the buyers who want to pay using a check, multiple payments, or other risky options. Unlike many other buyers, SellMax is never so wishy-washy. We are always prepared to make you a cash offer for your car on the spot, no matter its condition. It doesn’t matter if your car runs or not, how many miles it has, or how old it is. We always have a cash offer ready, and we won’t back out.

We've been around for over a decade and have humble roots. We started off paying cash for used cars in Los Angeles and quickly expanded. We started paying cash for cars in Houston shortly after. Now, we are nationwide and buy thousands of cars every month.


Get Cash for Junk Cars in Abilene

When you sell your car to SellMax, it doesn’t have to run. We’re not picky, and we’ll give you the best cash offer we can based on the value of the vehicle you want to sell. It doesn’t matter if it runs or not, whether it has high mileage or not, or whether it has any mechanical issues or not. We take cars of all makes, models, and ages, and pay cash for them all. We love your car unconditionally, no matter where it’s been and no matter what it’s done.

Here's the types of cars we buy:



We’ll Remove Your Junk Car In Abilene

We also take care of junk car removal for you, saving even more time and trouble. Don’t worry about finding a junk yard in Abilene, or about the cost of a tow for a car that doesn’t run. We’ll take care of both for you, at no additional cost. You don’t need to spend any additional time if your car doesn’t run: we’ll still pay cash for it on the spot.

Our Process is Fast, Convenient, and Easy

Of course, if your car does run, you can get even more cash for it. The process is the same, minus the tow truck: a professional representative will come to your home, they’ll conduct an inspection of the vehicle, and they’ll be ready to give you a cash offer on the spot. There’s no need to negotiate or barter, and no pressure to accept the offer. We simply make a cash offer, and you decide whether or not you want to accept.


We often buy cars on the same day that our customers call us, which means that you could wave goodbye to your car today, from your own doorstep, with a fat stack of cash in your hand. Our mission is simple: pay cash for cars in Abilene. Give us a call!

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Abilene

1995 Oldsmobile Bravada 79604 09-21-2021 $458
2003 Avanti Studebaker 79602 09-21-2021 $595
1998 Volkswagen New Beetle 79699 09-20-2021 $566
2016 Audi RS 7 79606 09-20-2021 $927
1951 Ford Taunus 79608 09-19-2021 $626
1989 Bmw 850 79603 09-19-2021 $482
2009 Toyota Yaris 79601 09-18-2021 $764
1979 Gmc Suburban 79604 09-17-2021 $690
2015 Ford Flex 79601 09-17-2021 $704
1958 Maserati 250 79606 09-16-2021 $424
1997 Pontiac Bonneville 79697 09-16-2021 $303
1990 Ford Capri 79699 09-13-2021 $324
2013 Aston-martin Virage 79698 09-11-2021 $877
2009 Ford F-350 79698 09-11-2021 $835
2006 Nissan X-Trail 79605 09-10-2021 $639

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