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Cash For Cars Paterson-We've Got You Covered

Cash for Cars Paterson-We’ve Got You Covered


Are you thinking about selling your car?  Do you have an old car you are afraid no one wants?  Ready to buy your dream car but need to sell the one you have first?  Well, you have come to the right place.  SellMax in Paterson will buy your car, for cash, today!

Don’t hassle with trade- ins, social media listings, or placing newspaper ads.  Give us a call, we buy cars in Paterson, and we make it easy.

Why Should You Sell Your Car to Us?

We have 7 really good reasons to use SellMax.

  1. We buy cars in as-is condition.  We don’t care if you have stains on the carpet, holes in the upholstery, or if the headliner is sagging or even gone.   We will still buy your car.
  2. We buy damaged carsHas your car been in a wreck?  Is it missing a bumper?  That is okay.  We will give you cash for it.
  3. We buy non-running cars.  You can’t get your car to start?  We don’t care.  We will buy it today.
  4. We buy junk cars.  Your car isn’t good for anything except parts?  No biggie- SellMax will buy it from you for cash. 
  5. We buy nice cars.  You have a car that is in excellent condition with a lot of miles left in it?   That is awesome! We will give you top dollar for it.
  6. We are easy to deal with.  We will give you our best offer the first time, straight up, with a friendly attitude.  We want your business and will do you right.
  7. We give you cash for your car.  We will pay you what your car is worth, in cash, on the same day you contact us in most cases.

How Do I Sell My Car To Your Company?

SellMax's original cash for junk cars service started in San Diego. But, we are proud to now be operating in Paterson. Paterson is the third largest city in New Jersey, and full of history.  It is the home of the historic Lambert Castle, Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, and the Paterson Museum.  The history in this town dates back to 1791, and the townspeople are proud of its heritage.  SellMax of Paterson isn’t historical, but it is pretty important to the town.  Our company has added a new twist to the car selling situation.  Before SellMax you were stuck with the traditional options of selling your car; trade-in, private party selling, or even hauling your old jalopy to the junkyard in Paterson.  Not anymore.  Simply contact us- we pay cash for cars in Paterson.

How Do I Get SellMax to Buy My Car For Cash?

Selling your car has never been easier.

  • You can either call us directly or simply fill out the online form.  We need information on your vehicle such as:
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Location
  • We will give you a quote which:
  • Is immediate
  • Is very competitive
  • Will not change
  • Contains no hidden fees
  • You will schedule a visit with our car experts:
  • Choose the perfect time and place
  • We will come to you



Let’s talk about junk cars.  And I do mean junk cars- non-running, rusted out, falling apart, dilapidated, old cars.  WE PAY CASH FOR THESE CARS IN PATERSON.  We are talking cars that you couldn’t even give away to someone else, and we will pay you cash.  You contact us, give us a little information on your vehicle, and we will give you our best quote.  We will come to you, haul off your junky old vehicle and hand you the moolah!  It really is that easy.

SellMax in Paterson is the Best Car Buying Option

We make selling your car an easy, painless process.  We fill out most of the paperwork and even help you with your part.  We take the hassle out of selling your car by offering you a fair competitive price the first time.  We will pick up your vehicle, wherever it may be, at a time that is convenient for you.  We do all of this as quickly as possible, most often within the same day that you contact us.  AND… we pay cash for the cars we purchase in Paterson.

The car experts at SellMax are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.  We are prepared to give you an honest, fair quote on your vehicle whether it is a newer model with few miles or an old ragged-out vehicle that doesn’t even run.  Then we will meet you wherever the car is and drive or tow it away after paying you the quoted amount in cash- no hidden fees being withheld- absolutely no hidden costs.  Once you contact SellMax you will realize we are the fastest way to get cash for your car in Paterson, hands down. 

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today and by this evening you can have the cash you deserve for your car.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Paterson

2009 Mercedes-benz CLS 7502 04-01-2024 $849
2009 Chevrolet Captiva 7513 03-31-2024 $924
1985 Cadillac Seville 7544 03-31-2024 $341
2013 Ford EDGE 7504 03-29-2024 $784
2023 Chevrolet Tahoe 7533 03-28-2024 $904
1958 Morgan 4 7543 03-26-2024 $459
2003 Ford Ranger 7503 03-25-2024 $642
1962 Ford Taunus 7522 03-24-2024 $862
1974 Land-rover Serie III 7504 03-23-2024 $407
1963 Plymouth Valiant 7505 03-22-2024 $631
1995 Gmc Safari 7501 03-21-2024 $621
1999 Saab 3-Sep 7514 03-20-2024 $714
2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty 7510 03-20-2024 $812
2005 Audi S4 7509 03-18-2024 $888
2020 Nissan LEAF 7524 03-18-2024 $525

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