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Cash for Cars in Billings

We Buy Cars In Billings Montana


Hey Magic City. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra cash this summer? We could all use some padding for our pockets in case of a rainy day. Maybe you could plan that family camping trip you’ve been putting off?


Funds don’t just appear out of thin air like magic though. Unless of course you have a used car on your hands. We buy cars in Billings. That’s right, SellMax will pay cash for cars in Billings! SellMax first started with it's San Diego Cash For Cars service, but has since expanded to Montana.


It happens all the time, you wind up with a two-ton paperweight taking up space in your yard, garage, or driveway. Maybe it’s the old car your family outgrew that you hardly ever use anymore. Perhaps you picked up a restoration project you keep saying you’ll get back to.


Whatever the case may be, that old car isn’t doing you any good just sitting there! Every day, wasting away, losing value, taking up space. What a waste! Don’t kid yourself any longer. If you live in the Billings area, give us a call and get cash for your car. We'll even give you an exact estimate of how much your car is worth.


We Make Selling A Junk Car In Billings, MT Easy!


SellMax makes selling your car easy. It really couldn’t get any simpler.


  1. You decide to let go of that old clunker and get paid. Good riddance!
  2. Call SellMax or visit us online. Our friendly staff will collect the basic information about your car.
  3. This is the exciting part. Our math wizards will take your information and work their magic to get you the best deal for your car. You’ll get a no-obligation quote. Wow! That old hunk of junk could earn me this much?
  4. We’ll work with your busy schedule and find the best time to collect your old ride. Our friendly team will come to you anywhere in Billings. A quick inspection, some simple paperwork, and a handshake. Done!
  5. Cha-ching! We pay cash for cars. You’ll be a fat stack of cash richer and have two tons of clutter out of your way. Celebrate!


What if your car is brand spanking new? No problem. We pay cash for any cars in Billings. We’ll pay competitive rates for your car whether it’s got 20 or 200,000 miles on it.


Looking to sell your Damaged car? Smashed up, rusted, people laughing as it rolls by? No problem. We pay cash for cars in Billings, regardless of condition.


What if your car is completely dead? The old clunker chugged along until its last gasp. Don’t call a junk yard in Billings. Give SellMax a call! We'll help you sell your junk car in Billings, without all of the hassle.


SellMax has nearly 30 years of experience paying cash for cars. That’s a lot of happy customers. We’re confident that we’ll leave you richer and happier too.


Got any “what about” questions? Let’s review and compare your options.


You could pay the newspaper to advertise your car and hope you get a call. Yeah right! Nobody reads newspapers anymore. You’d be better off posting fliers across town, and that’s too much work to go through just to sell your used car.


Social media is an option, sure. However, unless your buddy or a buddy’s buddy needs a ride, no dice. Even if they don’t try to get a “friend price” for your old ride, do you really want to sell a lemon to someone you know? They’ll think of you first whenever anything goes wrong. Yikes!


Dealership, Ecology Cash For Cars or a pick and pull yard? Give me a break! Those fast talking salesmen have 1 job, selling cars. That’s what you’re trying to do! They’re only interested if you’ve got a decent looking ride in decent condition, and they’ll pay chump change unless they can convince you to take a trade credit on a new car.


Post an ad on craigslist? For every interested buyer you hear from, you’re giving your email address to a dozen scammers and spammers. Not only is negotiating with strangers online a hassle, there’s no telling if they’ll flake out after you strike a deal.


Maybe you can just park your old car in public with a for sale sign? Even if you find a good spot to park it, that’ll take time. Every day it sits there exposed, you’re risking an accident or vandalism. Don’t waste your time, don’t risk your money.





These options don’t come close to the value SellMax can offer! Why go to the trouble when you can secure our services in Billings with just 1 call.


  • We pay cash for cars in Billings.
  • Our friendly team will treat you with respect.
  • We buy any car, regardless of the condition.
  • Quick service! Most customers sell their car the very same day!
  • We come to you, anywhere in Billings.
  • We’ll tow your old ride for free! That’s more cash in your pocket.
  • We make it easy and keep it simple!
  • We stand by our service. If there are any issues, our team are standing by to make it right.
  • Our quote is free, with no obligation to sell to us.


So what do you have to lose? Give SellMax a call and see what you can earn for your used car.


Recently Purchased Vehicles In Billings

1981 Chrysler New Yorker 59101 06-23-2022 $707
2004 Subaru Legacy 59102 06-22-2022 $600
1982 Ford Escort 59115 06-22-2022 $657
2000 Nissan Bluebird 59105 06-22-2022 $973
2002 Honda Civic 59111 06-21-2022 $734
2010 Maybach Landaulet 59114 06-19-2022 $624
2014 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe 59103 06-19-2022 $559
1999 Mcc Smart 59117 06-19-2022 $600
1994 Chevrolet Lumina 59104 06-17-2022 $775
1981 Oldsmobile Omega 59104 06-16-2022 $634
1967 Jeep CJ5 59112 06-14-2022 $719
1993 Mitsubishi Galant 59107 06-14-2022 $886
2014 Nissan Pathfinder 59108 06-13-2022 $512
2007 Bmw 760 59116 06-13-2022 $866
2009 Lotus Elise 59106 06-13-2022 $694

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