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Howdy folks in St. Paul, are you looking for cash for cars? Have you got an old car taking up space in your garage or driveway? It happens.

Maybe your old hooptie ground along for years, falling apart piece by piece until her last gasp.Maybe you picked up a restoration project years ago that has long since stalled out. You keep telling yourself that you’ll do a little work on it next weekend, but next weekend never comes. It’s only a matter of time before the spouse starts hinting at better ways to use the space.

Your relative left across the country or overseas and suckered you into providing free storage. Next thing you know, they’re not coming back to St. Paul and don’t care about the car anymore. You’ve got a 2-ton paperweight and a bald spot on your lawn.

We Buy Any car In St. Paul, Minnesota.

No matter how you’ve come across a car you don’t need, it would be better off gone. Best case scenario, you get the clunker off your hands and get a fat stack of cash richer.

Imagine what you could do with the money. The funds could see you off on that vacation you keep postponing. Maybe you’d have a down payment for a boat to enjoy St. Paul’s beautiful waterways. Perhaps you’d just like some padding for your pockets in case of a rainy day.

Not so fast, though. All that would be nice if selling your used car wasn’t just as frustrating as having a useless hunk of junk on your hands.

Social media posts? Unless your buddy or his buddy needs a ride, nobody’s biting. Not to mention they’re sure to insist on a “friend price.” Even if they don’t, do you really want to sell a lemon to someone you know? Yikes.

Dealership? A professional salesman might love to take that ride off your hands if it looks good and runs well. As for the payout? Peanuts. Their job is selling cars, and they’ll waste your day trying to convince you to accept a trade credit for a new car.

Craigslist? If you want to open your email account up to spammers and scammers, be my guest. Negotiating with strangers online is a pain, and there’s no telling if they’ll show up after you’ve agreed on a deal.

Newspaper ad? You might get a nibble or two, but you might as well be playing the lottery. Nobody even reads those anymore.

Parking in public with a for-sale sign? That could work. But every day you spend waiting on a call, your car is out there and at risk for accidents or vandalism.

So that hunk of junk sits there, losing value day after day. If only there was an easy way to sell your car.

Introducing SellMax. Although, we got our start buying cars for cash in San Diego we now buy cars in St. Paul. That’s right, we pay cash for cars in St. Paul. Even better, we make it fast and easy!

How does selling a car to your company in Saint Paul work?

  • First, decide you want that car off your hands. Good riddance!
  • Second, give us a call! We’ll collect the basics from you like the make, model, year, etc.
  • Third, we’ll give you a great quote. Could that old ride really be worth that much? Yes, it can be and we use a proprietary system to determine the value of your used car.
  • Next, we’ll work with your busy schedule and come to you anywhere in St. Paul.
  • Payday! A quick inspection, some simple paperwork, and you’re that much richer.

SellMax has paid cash for cars for nearly 30 years. That’s a lot of smiling customers.

How do we do it? Easy. We buy any car you want to sell, and pay top dollar.

Ugly car? Banged up, falling apart, left to rust? We pay cash for cars in St. Paul, any condition!

That doesn’t mean we’re cheap. If you’ve got a shiny new ride, barely a mile on it, we’ll take that off your hands too.

Car doesn’t start? That’s a hard sell for most places. Not us! Don’t call a car junkyard in St. Paul, or Ecology Cash For Cars. We mean it when we say any condition. We pay cash for junk cars in St. Paul. Get that car off the cinder blocks and get cash in your pocket. We’ll even tow it away for free!

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We are confident we’ll strike a deal that will make you happy. We pride ourselves on friendly, professional staff, and treat all customers with respect.

We don’t mess around. Unlike flakey buyers enticed with advertising, sellers who call SellMax often see green the very same day! We’ll come to you anywhere in St. Paul, giving you the best value for your car and your time.

SellMax will never charge you any nasty hidden fees. We stand by our offers. Our quotes are free and come with no obligation to sell to us. The tow and service are free, and we come to you. That’s how we put more money in your pocket than our competitors, and it’s the value we deliver every single time.

So what do you have to lose? Give us a call today and see what we can pay for your used car. We pay cash for cars in St. Paul.

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2009 Chevrolet Aveo 55172 06-15-2021 $837
2011 Porsche 911 55130 06-14-2021 $948
2015 Chrysler Town and Country 55120 06-12-2021 $440
1979 Ford Thunderbird 55169 06-11-2021 $658
1967 Avanti Avanti 55128 06-11-2021 $862
1990 Dodge Shadow 55118 06-11-2021 $529
2011 Infiniti FX 55122 06-08-2021 $897
1975 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 55129 06-06-2021 $800
2006 Kia Sportage 55104 06-06-2021 $835
1975 Porsche 930 55165 06-06-2021 $571
2004 Volvo XC90 55177 06-05-2021 $705
1988 Mazda 323 55155 06-05-2021 $965
2018 Chrysler 200 55133 06-04-2021 $529
2019 Chevrolet Express Cargo 55113 06-04-2021 $660
2001 Gmc Safari 55127 06-04-2021 $774

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