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Cash For Cars New Orleans

Get Cash For Junk Cars In New Orleans

Selling a car is often difficult, time-consuming, and pretty stressful. We are SellMax, a company based out of New Orleans that buys used cars. We do have many locations across the country, so if you are looking to get cash for cars in New Orleans, we can help you out! New Orleans has been subject to a lot of harsh weather in the past few decades. With Hurricane Katrina and Rita passing through, there was a lot of destruction and chaos caused. From that resulted many broken, junked cars. SellMax can help you get cash for cars in New Orleans in any condition, even junk cars! Our company can give you a quick quote on any vehicle you may be wanting to sell. We buy all types of cars and can pick up anywhere in the US. From New Orleans to Portland, we’ve got it covered!

We Buy Cars Running Or Not

We accept cars in just about every condition you could think of! Here are some common types of cars we buy in places like New Orleans:

  • Junk cars that won’t start
  • Damaged cars that have been in accidents
  • Cars with water or swamp damage
  • Cars in good shape
  • Every year, model, and make of car you can think of!

Even if a car type or condition isn’t listed here, just call us and ask. If you are looking to get cash for junk cars in New Orleans, look no further! We can take the old, unstartable car you have sitting around and turn it into cold, hard cash!

Why should I Sell My Car To Your Company In New Orleans?

Trading cash for cars in New Orleans has never been easier! Its as simple as:

  • Give us a call (or go to our website) and describe basic information about your car. This includes the make, model, year, and condition of your car.
  • Receive an instant, authentic quote on your car. We value giving you a figure immediately so you can make a quick decision.
  • Schedule a pickup for your car and get paid instantly! We can come to wherever you are located and pick up the vehicle. There are no hidden fees and you can get your payment without delay.

Why SellMax?

Most people may look for a junk yard in New Orleans, but consider calling us as an alternative. We can come directly to you and will take your car in any condition. This also eliminates any need for a dealership or meeting private parties. Selling your car to us expedites the whole process. We take out all the headache, hassle, and most of the paperwork. In exchange, you receive quick cash and more free time! We give you a fair deal so you can feel good about selling your car to us. We buy cars in New Orleans and all throughout the United States. We are a passionate company that just wants to help you sell your old car, regardless of the condition or location.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In New Orleans

1958 Jaguar MK VIII 70189 11-23-2022 $595
1993 Chrysler Le Baron 70165 11-21-2022 $357
1997 Dodge Ram 70112 11-21-2022 $936
2012 Kia Sportage 70177 11-19-2022 $673
2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 70114 11-19-2022 $319
2018 Toyota Prius 70141 11-19-2022 $979
2018 Chevrolet Impala 70182 11-17-2022 $920
1986 Chevrolet Grand Blazer 70163 11-17-2022 $724
1959 Rolls-royce Phantom 70149 11-15-2022 $540
1997 Volvo V90 70152 11-15-2022 $903
2004 Infiniti G35 70116 11-15-2022 $464
1979 Chevrolet Blazer 70124 11-13-2022 $547
2009 Bmw 550 70118 11-12-2022 $481
1998 Cadillac DeVille 70142 11-09-2022 $399
2005 Hyundai Santa Fe 70181 11-09-2022 $503

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