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Have you found yourself stuck with a vehicle that is junked or damaged? If so and you have tried to sell it without any luck, you are not alone. In fact, many customers that we talk to have had this problem before and they are left wondering where they went wrong with their sale.

Often, people, dealerships, and even companies offering cash for cars in Stockton do not actually want to buy a vehicle unless they are certain that they can make a profit off of you. This usually means that the vehicle needs to run and be in good condition, otherwise, they are stuck with a car they do not actually want to have.

Sounds pretty bad, right? Luckily, the team at SellMax WANTS to purchase your vehicle and we are willing to pay you the HIGHEST price for your vehicle too. It is no secret that you can unload your vehicle for a couple bucks here or there, but why do that when SellMax is willing to give you a fair price for your car?

We know, you are giving us the eye thinking that we are lying to you, but we are not and we even welcome you to compare the quote we give you with quotes from other companies. We know you will find ours to be the highest throughout all of Stockton Georgia.

In addition to offering you the highest prices, we do not require your vehicle to be in any type of condition. We will take your vehicle even if it does not run, it is a junk car, or it has been damaged. We will not discriminate against your car because we love them all.

If you don’t want to play cash games any more, contact SellMax now and let us show you how the cash game is supposed to be played. We WILL turn your vehicle into cash right before your eyes.

Ready to learn more about SellMax and WHY we are the right choice for you? Okay, let’s take a look.

Work with the Awesome Team Now

If you are hesitant to sell your vehicle because you are used to being told that you will not receive a lot of cash, we understand that. We want you to know that we have your best interests in mind and we will pay you the highest possible price for your vehicle. In addition to the high cash offer, there are other reasons why you should work with us including:

  • We provide FREE pickup of your vehicle
  • We are passionate and knowledgeable about vehicles
  • Our entire process is completed in just four steps
  • You can sell us your vehicle from your computer at home
  • We take ALL types of vehicles including junk cars and damaged vehicles
  • We offer CASH on the SPOT for your car
  • Our team is friendly and helpful at all times

How SellMax Got Its Start

Tom and Tony are the two founders of SellMax and they started the company in 1990. Both of them were on a mission to find a better way for people to sell their vehicles that they no longer wanted any more. Before you knew it, they had created a wonderful Cash for Cars model that is still in place today.

See, before this model was put into place, you could only sell your vehicle if you took it to a dealership and hoped that they would buy it from you with the problems it had OR you could try to advertise it and sell it to someone in the community, but the chances were slim that they would pay for the vehicle or at least the price you wanted for the vehicle.

These two options were not the best and they would lead to stress and hassle that people did not want to have to deal with anymore. So, Tom and Tony made sure that there was a better option available to the public. With the Cash for Cars model, customers have the satisfaction knowing that we will buy ANY and ALL vehicles from you no matter their condition.

When you work with the team at SellMax, you never have to worry about hassles or games that other companies and dealers play with you. SellMax offers the most cash for cars in Stockton.

Don’t allow yourself to get ripped off again and contact us now to receive your FREE instant cash offer for the vehicle you have been hanging on to.

Quickly Sell Us Your Vehicle in Four Steps

The car selling process is easy and we told you that. In fact, we were not joking and you can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home in just four steps. Yes, you read that right, four steps.

This means no hassling around with all of the paperwork that the dealership makes you fill out and you no longer have to wait days and days for a quote on your vehicle.

We will go over the four steps for you below to show you just how easy it actually is to get rid of your vehicle and sell it to us.

1. The first step involves you providing us with some basic information about the car you want to sell. All we ask for is the vehicle’s condition, year, location, make, and model.

2. From there, you will be given an on-screen cold hard cash offer.

3. Once you accept the quote, we will then come out to your home or your desired location and pick your vehicle up for FREE. Our friendly team member will look over your vehicle and have you sign some paperwork to make the sale official.

4. We will hand you the cash and drive off with your vehicle.

Get in Touch with Us for a FREE Quote

If you are ready to sell your vehicle, contact SellMax now to receive a FREE instant cash offer for your car. We are ready to purchase your car from you. 


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SellMax Cash For Cars
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