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Cash For Cars Savannah

Sell Your Car For Cash In Savannah, Georgia

One of the largest purchases many people make other than a home, is their car.  Some of us rely on our cars for years, others prefer to get a new car more frequently than others. At some point, every car owner comes to the point where he needs to consider selling the car he currently owns. Luckily, the car owner doesn't have to go through the entire process himself as SellMax can help people get cash for cars in Savannah.  Using a streamlined process, frequently sellers can get cash for cars in Savannah on the same day that they first visit our office or give us a call. Getting cash for cars starts with the taking the first step.

Steps In The Savannah Car Selling Process

  1. Visit or call one of our SellMax offices around the country in cities such as Savannah
  2. We inspect the car and make you an offer
  3. You choose to accept or decline the offer that we make
  4. We arrange for delivery or to pick up your car in Savannah

Wondering "How I Sell My Car In Savannah?" We Can Help!

The first visit in Savannah is quick and starts the selling process. You will either fill out a form providing us information about your vehicle in the office, online or over the phone with a representative. We make starting the process out as customer friendly as possible in Savannah.

The Junk Car Inspection and Offer

We will accept cars in any condition, so do not let the fear of rejection stop you from contacting SellMax .We offer cash for junk cars in Savannah. This way you can get cash for your car instead of dropping it off at a junk yard in Savannah.  Don't let the junk yard be the one that benefits from your vehicle, pocket that cash yourself.

Accepting Or Declining The Car Offer

We do not put your in a position in Savannah where you need to negotiate over the offer we give you for your car. We give you our best offer the first time and do not change the offer that is made for your vehicle.  If you prefer to pursue options to sell your car privately or a dealer, that is still open to you. If you accept the offer from us, we will arrange to present you with the cash to match the offer we made. If your car is not paid off, we will pay the owner of the lien on your car first, and present you with the remaining balance in cash.

Delivery Of The Vehicle in Savannah

If you accept the offer for the car, the final step is to deliver the vehicle to us in Savannah. We make that easy for you as well , as we will meet you at your home or office or other location you suggest.  If the car is not able to be driven, SellMax will pay for a towing company to deliver the car to us.  The sales process is complete at that point of time with us receiving the title and keys and you walking away with your money.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Savannah

2008 Volvo S60 31421 06-14-2020 $784
1995 Nissan Pulsar 31414 06-14-2020 $461
2001 Rolls-royce Silver Seraph 31411 06-14-2020 $332
2017 Nissan Pathfinder 31405 06-13-2020 $400
1971 Ferrari 365 GTC 4 31406 06-11-2020 $621
1950 Mercury Roadster 31420 06-11-2020 $839
2007 Aston-martin V8 Vantage 31404 06-08-2020 $394
1973 Datsun Laurel 31419 06-07-2020 $717
2003 Hyundai Sonata 31412 06-07-2020 $773
1977 Bmw 520 31416 06-06-2020 $641
2001 Chevrolet Impala 31418 06-04-2020 $339
2009 Hyundai Entourage 31410 06-04-2020 $659
2013 Subaru Outback 31403 06-03-2020 $858
2003 Smart Roadster 31409 06-03-2020 $840
2000 Pontiac Firebird 31401 06-03-2020 $579

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