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Let me paint you a picture. It’s a beautiful day in Atlanta. You’re enjoying a leisurely drive down 285 along the Lake Charlotte Nature Reserve. You’ve rolled the windows down and the sunlight is bathing the trees in a nice dappled golden hue. Traffic is light, your favorite song is playing; everything is right with the world. Half a second later, your car starts making a crunching noise and smoke billows up in front of you. Your day just went from smooth sailing to freeway stalling. At this point, you’ve got a few choices. You can call a tow truck and pay a fortune to repair the damage. You could call it quits and tow it to the junk yard in Atlanta. Or, you can get your day back on track by calling SellMax to get a free tow and cash for cars in Macon.


If you want to sell your cars for cash in Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place. SellMax purchases unwanted cars from people all over Atlanta. People have all sorts of reasons for wanting to sell a car. Some are ready to switch out their daily driver for something new and fun. SellMax will not only tow your car, but we’ll give you a check to help purchase your next one. Other folks have expanding families, and need to exchange their sporty coupe for a roomy van. And some people buy a new car, only to find that they don’t love it after a few weeks of driving around. Even if you have a rust bucket that you’ve been meaning to get fixed, we buy junk cars in Atlanta, too! At SellMax, it doesn’t matter why you’re selling, we pay cash for cars in Atlanta.


SellMax’s purchasing process is straightforward and fast. We aim to make selling your car far easier than dealing with the Atlanta craigslist. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call (800) 225-7500. We’ll collect some data about the car, including the condition, mileage, make and model, and year. Our analysts familiar with the Atlanta market compare your car to other sales in the area and come up with a competitive quote. And rest assured, we don’t pile on extra fees or reduce your quote at the last minute; we keep things honest and try to get you the best deal for your car.

With step one done, it’s on to step two, which is having one of our car whizzes inspect your car.  We’ll set an appointment at a time and place that is convenient for you! Any time, anywhere in Atlanta, we’ll work to fit your schedule! A car whiz will meet you at that location to give your car a quick once-over.  While the car whiz works his magic, you fill out some quick paperwork and presto! You’re all set! Your car gets towed for free and you get a nice check. It really is that easy! SellMax is the best and fastest way to get cash for cars in Atlanta.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Atlanta

2011 Mercury Grand Marquis 30356 05-27-2024 $658
2001 Honda S2000 30337 05-26-2024 $435
1964 Maserati Mistral 30324 05-26-2024 $682
2006 Ssc Aero 30366 05-24-2024 $731
1990 Gmc Jimmy 30355 05-24-2024 $660
2003 Bmw 320 30325 05-24-2024 $517
1999 Audi RS4 39901 05-23-2024 $490
2008 Lamborghini Murcielago 30332 05-23-2024 $875
2003 Dodge Caravan 31106 05-23-2024 $889
2021 Rolls-Royce Dawn 30344 05-22-2024 $867
2012 Nissan NV 30350 05-20-2024 $503
2009 Nissan Maxima 30310 05-19-2024 $354
2003 Dodge Caravan 31150 05-18-2024 $387
1981 Saab 900 30334 05-17-2024 $910
2010 Nissan 370Z 31107 05-13-2024 $494

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