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Cash for Cars in Columbus, Georgia

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars In Columbus, Georgia

Hey, Columbus, Gerogia! Here’s a picture: You’re driving around town and it’s a quintessential Columbus day. Your old, but mostly reliable car is humming along. There’s a cool breeze blowing in through the rolled down windows, the roads are surprisingly empty, and your iPod is playing your favorite playlist. This is heaven. An instant later, you hear a funny whistling sound coming from somewhere under the hood, the car starts slowing down, and you just manage to get over into the shoulder before the engine dies out. You’ve gone from heaven to hell in the blink of an eye. You know you have a few choices you can make: you can have a mechanic look things over, which would include an expensive tow and likely some pricey parts. You could call it a loss and have it towed to the junk yard in Columbus. Or you can get it towed for free and get cash for cars in Columbus by calling SellMax.



We Pay Cash For Used And Junk Cars In Columbus, Georgia

SellMax is in the business of paying cash for cars in Columbus. It’s our mission to make selling your car as easy as possible. People in Columbus come to us to sell their cars for every reason in the book. Some people come to us with coupes that won’t work for their expanding families. We get them the cash they need to help buy that family van. Others always want to be driving the latest and greatest. We’ve got you covered. We buy cars old and new. Many others have cars that are no longer running, or have been sitting on their property for years, waiting for some TLC. Get some money for that jalopy! SellMax pays cash for junk cars in Columbus, too!

The Cash For Cars Process With SellMax

You won’t find an easier way to sell your can than with SellMax. If you’ve ever tried selling a car on any Columbus online marketplace, you know how difficult it can be. SellMax has simplified the process, and it starts with a phone call. A friendly SellMax representative will first collect some basic information. We gather information about your car like the year, make and model, and mileage, and compare that to sales in the Columbus area to come up with a fair quote. And you can rest easy knowing we will never tack on any hidden fees after the fact.

We Buy Any Car For Cash In Columbus, Georgia

With your information in hand, we’ll work with you to make an appointment for one of our car whizzes to come poke around your car. We do our best to make sure the time and place work with your schedule. We can meet you at your house, at your office, or on the side of the road! We’ll meet you anywhere in Columbus. Our car whiz will take a gander at your car. Meanwhile, you’ll complete some straightforward paperwork and voila! You’re done! Say goodbye to your unwanted vehicle and hello to a nice, fat check. No one makes it easier! SellMax is the best choice for getting cash for cars in Columbus.


Recently Purchased Vehicles In Columbus

1997 Lexus SC 31917 01-20-2023 $559
1999 Jaguar S-Type 31907 01-20-2023 $469
1968 Mercedes-benz E 31908 01-19-2023 $919
2001 Chevrolet Cavalier 31997 01-18-2023 $689
2010 Hyundai Genesis 31998 01-18-2023 $653
1989 Porsche 928 31993 01-18-2023 $733
2006 Chrysler Voyager 31999 01-18-2023 $445
1985 Subaru Leone 31917 01-17-2023 $495
2003 Jeep Liberty 31901 01-15-2023 $757
1999 Lexus LX 31914 01-13-2023 $583
1992 Pontiac Grand Prix 31906 01-12-2023 $554
1997 Mercury Cougar 31904 01-11-2023 $830
2011 Mazda 3 31902 01-10-2023 $410
1950 Rolls-royce Silver Wraith 31909 01-08-2023 $325
2009 Buick LaCrosse 31903 01-07-2023 $744

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