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Cash For Cars Brownsville- Sell Us Your Used

Are you having trouble selling your used car? Let us take it off your hands. SellMax is offering cash for cars in Brownsville, Texas. Our service is easy, reliable and we work with you to get you the absolute best price for your used car. Our friendly car experts are available and want to talk about your used vehicle. Let us show you how much it's worth. Get cash for your car in Brownsville today.

Why You Should Choose Cash for Cars in Brownsville

Hey there, Brownsville! If you live in the beautiful city “on the border, by the sea” you’re in luck! We’re in your town giving cash for cars. Here are a few reasons why you should sell your used vehicle to us:

  • We take all types of used vehicles: moderately used cars, damaged cars, salvaged cars, and junk cars.
  • We come to you. We set up an appointment with you at a time and place that’s comfortable for you.
  • You get cash for your used car right away. No hidden fees. No mysterious waiting period. No back and forth with independent buyers.
  • We often pay $500 cash for junk cars and even more.
  • We can often help you sell a car without the title (it depends on certain conditions).


It all starts with giving us a call. Our car experts will walk you through our method and we’ll help you get rid of your junk car or used vehicle. We've been around for decades and understand the car buying process. We started out by paying cash for cars in San Diego and we continued to buying junk cars for cash in Phoenix. Now, we service the entire nation and continue to grow.

We Buy Cars in ANY Condition in Brownsville


Many car owners believe that their car is too damaged, old and hopeless to sell. Lots of independent buyers are discouraged by cars in poor condition. We don’t scare that easily. Here at SellMax, we give cash for junk cars as well as your moderately used and damaged cars.

Junk car removal is included in our services and we tow your car for free from a location that is comfortable for you. Other companies charge you extra for this service but we don’t. No hidden fees. You can count of that.

You don’t have to travel to us, we come to you! We arrange to pick up your car as soon as possible, sometimes same day. So you can spend the weekend tanning on Boca Chica beach instead of in a junkyard in Brownsville.

How the SellMax Cash For Cars Process Works for You

Selling your car in Brownsville has never been simpler. Let us take your used car off of your hands! It starts with a phone call. Here’s how it works:

Call Us For A Quote On Your Car

Decide you want to make your life easier and call us. The SellMax process starts with you. Give us a call and we’ll talk all about your car and your needs. Give us details like year, model, location and a description of the condition of your car. You can be honest with us and tell us how bad the damage is. We promise you we’ll be honest and transparent with you in the process.

Tell Us All About Your Car

After we get all of the details, we can give you a real competitive quote on how much your used or junk car is worth. You may not think your car is worth much money. Most people with damaged or salvaged cars assume their car is not worth much and/or will not sell at all. Let our car experts prove you wrong. Sell your salvage car to us and experience the difference. Remember, we take all types of cars including junk cars. Call us today and we can assess together how much you can get for your used car.

Accept The Cash Offer

After we assess the quote and you are on board, we can go ahead and schedule a pick up of your used vehicle. You don’t have to go anywhere. We come to you. You pick the time and the place that is best and most convenient for you (home, school, work, etc) and we will come and pick up your car. We also provide free towing for junk cars at no extra cost to save you an irritating trip to sell the car to the junk yard.

We give you cash for your car. Once everything is said and done you get paid for your used and useless car. No hidden fees. It’s that easy. Conveniently located in Brownsville, it’s never been easier. Give us a call today and let’s get started! We can even help you if you are selling a damaged car so do not worry about the condition of the vehicle.

Get Cash For Junk Cars Today in Brownsville

Most people visit Brownsville for the beautiful beaches, trails, and wildlife. While afternoons birding in Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge sound relaxing and fun, we are here with one mission. We’re here to make your life easier and take that used car off your hands for good. If you are in the process of selling your car and feel overwhelmed and helpless in the process, we’re here and happy to help. If this is your first time selling a used car you are not alone. With three decades in the business we know what were doing. We’re here to guide you. Give us a call today!

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Brownsville

1973 Chrysler Valiant 78523 11-12-2023 $858
1987 Ford Taurus 78522 11-12-2023 $739
2018 Nissan Altima 78520 11-11-2023 $616
1984 Toyota Carina 78522 11-11-2023 $604
1984 Chrysler New Yorker 78526 11-09-2023 $768
1970 Mg MGB 78523 11-08-2023 $1000
1993 Jaguar 220 78526 11-07-2023 $669
2015 Audi RS 7 78526 11-07-2023 $526
2018 Mazda Mazda3 78520 11-07-2023 $485
1996 Chrysler Grand Voyager 78521 11-07-2023 $630
1971 Ford Mustang 78520 11-05-2023 $479
2008 Ford Escape 78523 11-04-2023 $889
1972 Pontiac Bonneville 78521 11-03-2023 $411
2001 Pontiac Bonneville 78522 11-02-2023 $318
1956 Volvo P 1900 78521 11-01-2023 $879

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