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If you are seriously considering selling your used car, SellMax is a company to choose.
Founded in 1990 SellMax has an office in Carson City, two guys named Tom and Tony teamed up to improve the process of car selling for the individual. The idea for their business proved to be quite a successful one for both Tom and Tony because it was such an uncomplicated process. Indeed, the mantra of buy-all-cars with cash as a company policy -- regardless of the actual condition of the car -- was something that was able to catch on in Carson City.

This business concept proved to be so successful for Tom and Tony that the "cash for cars" business enlarged to the point that it became the largest in San Diego. The other great thing about the cash for junk cars concept is the time it saves people from having to search all over for a buyer.

When Tom and Tony started their business, placing a newspaper ads or communicating through a vast network of car dealers or junk dealers was a very time-consuming process.

Today, everyone from private car sellers to those who are looking to get cash for their junk cars can rely on SellMax to get things done using a simple process.

Here are some things about SellMax to consider instead of choosing the other used car selling, cash for cars, or cash for junky cars type of companies:


Why Carson City Residents Should Choose To Work With SellMax

  • We buy cars in as-is condition
  • We buy nice cars
  • We buy damaged cars
  • We buy non-running cars and junk cars


Tom and Tony proved to be wizards in their niche with SellMax Cash For Cars with the number of people who have flocked to their company. Today SellMax is nationwide, but they still feel strongly about upholding the principles that they had when they started over two decades ago. These principles include the following:




Selling A Car For Cash In Carson City Has Never Been Easier

  • Providing delightful, yet incredible service
  • Never changing our company mission
  • Having that friendly, yet strong spirit

Although most fads from the 1990s have come and gone, Tom and Tony still believe in loving all of your cars, equals. Minimal paperwork, providing quick quotes, flexible pick-ups, and making our car buying process as seamless as possible while delivering maximum profits to you is how SellMax rolls. We're genuine about our passion for car buying.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Carson City

1987 Cadillac Eldorado 89714 07-08-2021 $614
2005 Lexus GX 89705 07-08-2021 $647
1983 Mercedes-benz G 89702 07-06-2021 $839
2000 Dodge Durango 89713 07-04-2021 $459
1989 Oldsmobile Silhouette 89721 07-03-2021 $747
1973 Triumph GT6 89712 07-03-2021 $894
1967 Mitsubishi 500 89706 07-03-2021 $887
2019 Cadillac XTS 89711 07-03-2021 $902
1955 Rolls-royce Phantom 89706 07-02-2021 $731
1997 Lincoln Mark VIII 89721 07-01-2021 $618
1955 Mg Magnett 89705 06-29-2021 $705
1985 Ford Mustang 89714 06-29-2021 $983
2009 Audi R8 89701 06-28-2021 $582
1997 Nissan Crew 89712 06-28-2021 $529
2005 Volvo XC90 89703 06-27-2021 $959

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