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We Pay Cash For Cars in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Do you have a used or new car to sell in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Are your neighbors complaining about the eyesore next door? That salvaged heap you promised you wouldn’t keep, is it still there? Or is an oil spill under your broke down rig threatening to ignite on a hot summer night? You need to take care of this now!

SellMax is ready to get ‘er done for you. We buy cars in Tulsa, Oklahoma and one call is all it takes to trigger a quick and satisfying deal with us, right now, right there—wherever your car is located.

How Do I Sell My Car To SellMax In Tulsa?

The process is simple and quick. Just tell us the year, model, location and the condition your vehicle is in. Our experts will work up a competitive offer on the spot, no matter if your ride is rusty and damaged or still going strong. You’re under no obligation to accept this offer, and it won’t change if you decide to sleep on it before getting back to us.

SellMax offers a FAIR, FAST and FRIENDLY buying service to the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We’ll get that unwanted car off your property and pump your empty wallet back up to full in one swift transaction.


A FAIR Deal for Cars of All Kinds

Like the wildcatters a century ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma—the “Oil Capital of the World”—we’ll show up anywhere an untapped sale is waiting. We treat every car in any type of condition as our next big strike and will pay you the fairest price around to get our hands on it. We pay cash for junk cars, or nice cars—it’s your call.

Here are the types of vehicles we buy:


In a Hurry? We Buy Cars FAST!

As true Sooners, we’ll rush to wherever your call might come from in the Tulsa, Oklahoma vicinity. We stand ready to take your car today, whether we drive it away, tow it away, or haul it to a junk yard in Tulsa. We are junk car removal specialists and provide a clean, fast getaway for your unwanted vehicle.

Calling us means you can avoid wasting time on prolonged trade-in haggling with dealership salespeople bent on drilling your bank account dry. Sell your old car to us before you shop for a new one and give yourself the best advantage when you go to buy your next replacement.

You’ll also avoid having to spend time creating and posting your own classified ads if you decide to sell it privately. You don't have to worry about CarFax or AutoCheck either. Nothing can chew up more time than fussing around on social media, trying to word your listing correctly and juggling all the replies and questions that usually end up going nowhere.

One call to SellMax pays you NOW and clears out your driveway. We often pay cash for junk cars the very same day you call.

Tired of Customer No-Service? We’re Always FRIENDLY

Providing cash for cars in Tulsa, Oklahoma is something our staff members enjoy doing. They show up on time with a smile and a neighborly attitude. We promise safety and security from the moment we step foot on your property.

And that’s not something to take for granted, as pitfalls abound in the world of private and third-party deals.

With SellMax in Tulsa, Oklahoma you’ll never have to worry about:

  • Sketchy strangers showing up in answer to a classified ad or posting
  • Dealing with digital ad posting and frustrating computer issues
  • Trying to answer dozens of calls and texts that go nowhere
  • Pushy buyers bent on paying you next to nothing for your car
  • Scam artists and curbstoners trying to take YOU for a ride
  • Hidden fees


Instead, with SellMax in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you will always enjoy:

  • Not having to leave your home—we come to you
  • Sitting back and watching someone else do all the heavy lifting and hauling
  • The satisfaction of getting cash in hand immediately
  • The clean space left in your driveway when your car is finally gone


Strike it rich—take up our offer for cash for cars in Tulsa, Oklahoma today!


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