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Hello Omaha used car owners! Are you tired of driving your old car around that looks like it just got trampled by a herd of bison at the Lee Simmons Wildlife Safari and Conservation Park? Or maybe your used car is in pretty nice shape but you have outgrown it and are ready for an upgrade. Are you afraid though, that you may not get the fair trade-in value you are hoping for at the local car lot?

rAe you afraid of who might show up at the house if you post your tired car for sale on Craigslist? Well, let us introduce ourselves. We are SellMax and we buy cars in Omaha.

Why should I Sell My Car In Omaha To SellMax?

For 30 years now we at SellMax have been giving car owners looking to part ways with their car a new lease on hope. Whether your car is new, or the better part of Omaha has gotten to it over the years, or it’s just been sitting in a field for 10 years we want your old car. In fact, we are paying cash for cars in Omaha. This means we will help you to sell a car for parts, or even sell a salvaged car.

Over the past 30 years, SellMax has been working throughout the country and have always believed in the philosophy that if we make you happy, you make us happy. We really aim to try and take the stress out of selling your car off your shoulders and to make the entire process clear and straightforward. So, if you're asking "where should I Sell My Car?" think SellMax.

If you work with us you won’t regret it and you will most certainly come back to give us your business again. We are here for you Omaha.

If you are sitting there thinking that this is just another gimmick to bring in your car that is nothing more than a boat anchor only to be told to get it out of here, you are mistaken. If you may, please read on so that will truly see that we will buy anything!

We Buy Cars in As-Is Condition in Omaha

As-is condition, as-is this old thing that’s rusted and must be towed out of my yard eligible? Yes, we will take it as-is. If your car is as pristine as the Joslyn Art Museum in downtown Omaha or as tired and goofy looking as Omar under the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, either way we want it. As-is for SellMax is truly as-is and we don’t judge! If you don’t believe visit the SellMax website and see the volume of cars we have bought from private sellers. You will be surprised at what we bought and what we paid cash for!

We Buy Nice Cars

If you have taken extremely good care of your car or you bought it new a couple of years ago and a new family addition is making you scale up the size of your vehicle we are still interested and will still pay cash for cars in Omaha like this.

SellMax doesn’t exist just to buy beat up junker cars, we buy all kinds of cars and if your car is nice we will treat you and your car with the dignity it deserves and pay you the cash that you deserve. So give us a call before going the car dealership where they just might try and give you an offensively low offer on the car you took such good care of. Omaha, don’t you deserve better?

We Buy Damaged Cars

Ut-oh you ran over the curb and dented your rocker panel. You hit one too many potholes and the steering wheel just doesn’t hold straight anymore. Maybe you just got into a fender bender. Whatever the case, SellMax will buy your damaged ride for cash when no one else will.

SellMax doesn't care if you have a small dent from running over your garbage can or totaled your car at the neighborhood intersection. Or maybe you are the type that has a really great exterior on your car but you spend just a little more time on the inside than most and your interior shows for it. That’s okay too we don’t mind an interior that has been lived in.

Sometimes in the game of life we all mistakes and no one can be expected to keep their car in the same pristine condition as it was when it rolled off the lot. When no one else will care, SellMax will help you out because we know that in Omaha people work hard and play hard and the scars may show on your car.

We Buy Non-Running and Junk Cars

Even if your car doesn't run, we don't care. We'll give you more cash for your car than any junk yard in Omaha. Even if your car has been sitting in an old barn, under a tree, or in a field we want it. If you don’t believe us, visit our website and review the past purchases we have made nationwide, and most likely you’ll notice there are many more junkers out there than what you are trying to sell us.

We aren’t lying when we say we’ll pay cash for junk cars in Omaha. Most likely no one else will you give a fair car value whe you sell us a junk car.

As you can see, SellMax isn’t afraid to pay cash for cars in Omaha regardless of its condition. Aside from buying your car at a respectable price you’ll also enjoy the respect we will give you as the customer.

SellMax wants nothing more than to make you, the customer happier and wanting to come back to us again or recommending us to your friends and family. We want to make the process of getting rid of your car as painless and carefree as possible because it should be that way.

So when it comes time to upgrade your car or to clear that junker off of your property give SellMax a call before you take an offer from anyone else in Omaha, because you might just be surprised at what kind of cash we will give you for your car.

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