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Hello Lincoln! As a resident in the great capital of Nebraska you must be a very smart individual indeed! Might we suggest that you make another smart decision in life when it comes to parting ways with your used car and reach out to us, SellMax.

SellMax which was founded in 1990 by co-founders Tom and Tony wanted to give private sellers a friendly hassle-free approach of getting rid of their used cars for a fair price. Nearly 30 years later SellMax has grown, but their goals and mission remained strong. Make the customer happy because, if you’re happy we’re happy. At the end of the day, SellMax wants you to be happy and not stressed while you transition from your old car to your new. We are here for you!

We buy cars in Lincoln and we offer cash for cars in Lincoln! Before you drive your lightly or heavily used vehicle to the dealership for a major marked down offer on trade please take a minute and call us! You deserve respect and we are here to give it to you because we care mostly about you.

We Buy Cars in Lincoln in As-Is Condition

SellMax isn’t afraid of what you bring to us. Whether your car is worthy to be on display in Museum of American Speed, or the dump we want it. As-is condition is AS-IS condition and we won’t start chopping down your offer by nit picking the little things and big things that could be wrong with your vehicle. We will be honest with you and upfront and we will continue to be honest with you throughout the entire process. SellMax will without doubt pay Cash for Cars in Lincoln, and as-is condition for us includes:

We don’t care what you bring us so long as it is a vehicle and we don’t care what it looks or smells like. We will pay you cash! Even if you're selling a salvage car we will take it.

We Buy Nice Cars

Lincoln, if you think that SellMax is just interested in buying your junk cars you are mistaken. If you think the dealership might give you more than what we would could offer for your car that is as fit as a specimen in the Sheldon Museum of Art; we assure you that we would offer you a very competitive rate. We encourage you to give us a call first before going to a car salesman and listen to our offer first. You were a smart consumer and did your homework when buying this car, so be a smart salesperson and do your homework to get the most money out of it. We will pay top cash for nice cars that exhibit:

  • Low to mid miles
  • Clean exterior and interior
  • Runs good

Don’t be fooled by the popular misconception that a car dealer will you give you top end pay for a nice trade in car. Give SellMax a call first and see what we have to offer. What would it hurt?

We Buy Damaged Cars in Lincoln

Perhaps during your relationship together, you and your car had a couple of minor and possibly major mishaps. Or maybe, your parking lot neighbors in the Historic Haymarket District weren’t so careful when opening their doors. Perhaps you decided that puddle wasn’t a puddle, but rather a very deep pond. Regardless of whatever the mishap your Lincoln car may have experienced SellMax will still offer cash for cars in Lincoln that have taken on any sort of damage no questions asked including damage to:

  • The Interior
  • The Exterior
  • Engine
  • Electrical System
  • Wheels
  • And any other place that we have not mentioned

Life is full of mistakes and misfortunes and you shouldn’t have to be penalized by a low offer from an insurance company car salesman. We don’t care, we pay cash for junk cars in Lincoln!

We Buy non-running and junk cars

Still don’t believe us here at SellMax that we will buy your car for cash no matter what? Here’s the truth. We’ll take anything! Seriously regardless of the year or the last time it actually ran we will line your pockets with cash. What may be a junk car to you is a jewel to us and we want to take that burden off your shoulders. If you still need clarification on what we will take as junk, SellMax will take anything that is:

Before you call any junk yard in Lincoln give us a call. SellMax pays cash for junk cars in Lincoln guaranteed! What is there to lose? You want to get rid of the old junker so why not give yourself a little extra income and let us take care of that for you?

If you aren’t convinced that SellMax is the right choice for you, give us a call and learn about what we do and see what we have to say. If you want to go ahead and try other places or go at alone.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you get the maximum for your sale. Honestly, we love great stories and we hope that your story ends that way. But, if you are struggling and feel that others are trying to take advantage of you, we’ll be here, give us a call.

You may be pleasantly surprised at our stress-free approach and generous offers that others may not give you. Customers have been coming back to us for years and have been happy with their experience every time. Please visit our website to see how much we have paid others for their cars in the past.

Be a savvy salesperson and give us a call. Lincoln, you deserve it! We’ll be waiting to hear from you and take care of you. So, go ahead and use our online quote form to sell your car online.

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