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Do you have a car that you need to get rid of in Little Rock, but you don’t want to accept less than you know it’s worth? At SellMax, we will offer you a fair price for your vehicle, no matter what condition it’s in. Don’t risk getting scammed by trying to sell your car to a stranger on Little Rock Craigslist, and don’t take that lowball trade-in offer from the dealership. Call us at SellMax instead and get a fair quote with no hassle and no strings attached.

You don’t have to anything but pick up the phone and call. We have a local office in Little Rock, but you don’t even have to drive to it. We will come to you! We like to take care of our customers, so we do everything we can to make the process as painless and easy for you as possible. Many times, we offer cash for cars and pick them up on the very same day that our customers call us. We don’t take only junk cars or only cars in good condition either. We are interested in all types of vehicles including . . .

  • Cars in pristine condition
  • Old cars
  • New cars
  • Damaged cars
  • Junk cars
  • Non-running cars

We even provide junk car removal in the Little Rock area. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you, come to you at your home, make you an offer for your junk car, then tow it away ourselves. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by the amounts we offer for their vehicles. You won’t get any frustrating, lowball offers from us. We do our research so that we can offer you fair market value for your vehicle.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and we strive to treat every single customer like a VIP. We know that your time is valuable, so when we set up an appointment to look at your vehicle, we promise to show up on time and ready to buy. We approach each and every transaction with absolute honesty and integrity, and our customers never need to worry about getting ripped off or lied to. When we offer cash for cars in Little Rock, we offer a fair price with no catches. You are free to turn down the offer and we promise not to hassle you.   

Getting rid of your car in Little Rock doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to take less than your vehicle is worth. Selling your car is as easy as picking up the phone and calling SellMax. We do all of the rest, and we guarantee that you will be impressed by just how much we think your car is worth. No car is too new or too old, too damaged or too immaculate for us to make an offer. Give us a call today and get cash for your vehicle without having to do a thing but pick up your phone and dial.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Little Rock

1984 Ford Ranger 72216 01-05-2020 $367
1973 Chevrolet Vega 72212 01-05-2020 $401
1978 Mercury Grand Marquis 72215 01-05-2020 $915
1972 Toyota Celica 72214 01-04-2020 $546
1980 Mazda 626 72295 01-03-2020 $406
1964 Maserati Quattroporte 72206 12-31-2019 $978
2008 Isuzu I-350 72207 12-30-2019 $942
2018 Jaguar XJ 72231 12-30-2019 $741
1974 Chrysler Sedan 72209 12-29-2019 $562
2008 Bmw 745 72225 12-29-2019 $739
1998 Buick Park Avenue 72260 12-28-2019 $668
2002 Audi R8 72217 12-28-2019 $594
2012 Audi A4 72227 12-27-2019 $700
2019 Lincoln MKS 72205 12-27-2019 $416
2015 Gmc Sierra 3500HD 72204 12-26-2019 $589

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