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Get Cash For Your Car In Tuscaloosa, AL

Do you have a car in Tuscaloosa that you’re ready to let go of? In that case, let’s talk about SellMax.


SellMax helps individuals sell vehicles with greater ease and convenience with a cash for cars process. We purchase all types of cars, from old, beat up models to ones that are shiny and new. By accepting cars that are in every condition imaginable, we get to buy from as many car owners as possible in Tuscaloosa.


The SellMax cash for cars process is different from the tactics used by traditional dealers and it’s far more convenient than trying to sell your car on your own. We purchase all kinds of cars, in all conditions, for a price that’s fair to you. We’re looking to make your life simpler, not to cheat you out of money or purposefully undervalue your car. Plus, our smart, helpful, and friendly team is happy to help you throughout the process. We’ll answer any questions you have and make sure you have a good experience with us. We are typically the better option then using a service like ecology cash for cars, or a pick and pull service, because we can offer free towing and excellent prices.


We love all vehicles, even junk cars! We’ll buy your beat-up, damaged, and even non-running cars. If you've been wondering how to sell a damaged car use SellMax. SellMax makes junk car removal for the Tuscaloosa community easy by picking up and towing your car for free. Plus, you’ll get a nice chunk of cash out of the deal, and who wouldn’t want that?


SellMax works like this:


  1. Call us or fill out our online form. Once we’re in contact, you’ll give us some basic information about your car, like its make, model, condition, etc.
  2. We’ll give you an instant quote for your car. Our quotes are fair and won’t change suddenly. Plus, we won’t surprise you with fees--we’re big on being honest and straightforward.
  3. Tell us when and where in Tuscaloosa you’d like a member of our team to come check out the car in person. We come to you, not the other way around.
  4. After reviewing your vehicle and finishing up the remaining paperwork, we’ll tow your car, at no cost to you. As aforementioned, there are no hidden fees.
  5. You’ll get the cash we promised right away, and that’s all there is to it!


With SellMax, the process of selling your car isn’t long and tedious. In fact, it’s just the opposite--SellMax frequently buys cars on the same day that the initial call is made. You can get your quote, have your car picked up, and get paid, all in a snap. We know that the people of Tuscaloosa are busy, so we’ll never waste your time. We'll even offer free towing, which many junkyards in the area are unable to do.


Selling a car may not be your favorite thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a complex or frustrating task. SellMax is here to make it as simple as possible to get your car sold for a competitive price--no sneaky deals or manipulation, that’s a promise. We’ll take your car no matter what condition it’s in, and we’ll even come pick it up for free. Call up SellMax today to start the process of selling your car, we’re here to help! If you want to learn more about our company you can read about SellMax on inc.com.

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Tuscaloosa

2015 Ford Escape 35401 09-27-2023 $731
2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 35404 09-27-2023 $989
2005 Porsche 911 35487 09-26-2023 $397
2003 Maserati Kubang 35485 09-25-2023 $1000
2004 Suzuki Samurai 35403 09-25-2023 $747
1972 Chrysler Centura 35486 09-25-2023 $980
1989 Chevrolet Caprice 35486 09-22-2023 $345
2003 Infiniti FX 35405 09-21-2023 $457
1978 Buick Skyhawk 35407 09-20-2023 $537
2002 Ford Escort 35401 09-19-2023 $949
1996 Ford Aspire 35485 09-19-2023 $836
2015 Subaru BRZ 35406 09-16-2023 $793
1958 Mercedes-benz SC 35402 09-16-2023 $762
2019 Lincoln Navigator 35404 09-16-2023 $879
2016 Acura NSX 35402 09-16-2023 $685

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