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Sell Your Car In Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the most populated city in the Midwestern United States, we understand the hustle and bustle of the big city. At the grocery store, hardware store, stuck in traffic, or even waiting to get into the Bulls or Cubs game, there are long lines and long waits. 

Not at SellMax, where we can we buy your car with:

-Objective, expert valuations of your car

-Same day purchasing

-Free, same-day car pick up, from wherever your car is parked

-Bare minimum paperwork

We buy cars in Chicago, Illinois, the very same day you call us, and you get the cash right away.

We Buy Junk Cars in Chicago, Illinois, No Matter What Condition

Our car buying service is so unique in part because no matter what condition your car is in, we will buy it. From cars that are practically brand-new, and all the way down to cars that are ready for the junk yard in Chicago, Illinois, we will buy any vehicle.

Why would you take your junk car to the junk yard? When you can get cash for junk cars on the same day as you call, and have your car picked up, for no cost. It’s a no brainer.

Join the Growing Number of Car-Free People in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois is among the future of transportation, as it holds an 18.8% higher average of households without a car than the rest of the country, thanks to it’s amazing public transportation system, including busses and subway systems.

Not only is public transportation less expensive, but it’s hands and focus free, turning your commute into relaxed free time. So why not start your journey towards hassle free travel with a ton of cash? By selling your car in Chicago, Illinois, today.

Why Not Another Car Buying Service in Chicago, Illinois?

Other people who want to buy your car, such as car dealers and private buyers, don’t have your best interests in mind. They want to save money, or make a profit, whereas we’ve built our business on our caring customer service, and by putting our customers first. 

You’re guaranteed a fair, competitive price, from a long-standing, trusted company.

Give Us a Call, To Sell Your Car Today

By now, you know all about our expert valuations, same day purchase and pick-up, minimal paperwork, and excellent customer service, so why wait?

You could have your car picked up, with cash in your hand in almost no time at all. I’m sure you can picture it, so make it happen, by giving us a call at our Chicago, Illinois location, today!

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Chicago

1975 Ferrari 208 60681 06-10-2021 $791
1990 Ford Granada 60608 06-09-2021 $451
1976 Chrysler 1609 60694 06-07-2021 $947
2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty 60638 06-07-2021 $315
1985 Mitsubishi Galant 60659 06-06-2021 $512
1998 Toyota Paseo 60678 06-05-2021 $744
2002 Bmw 330 60660 06-04-2021 $621
1994 Oldsmobile Achieva 60655 06-03-2021 $699
2018 Toyota Land Cruiser 60645 06-02-2021 $972
1980 Mazda 323 60631 06-01-2021 $621
2017 Porsche 918 Spyder 60602 06-01-2021 $891
1986 Mercedes-benz 300 60603 05-31-2021 $354
1974 Chevrolet Nova 60674 05-30-2021 $543
2014 Fiat 500 60640 05-30-2021 $525
2009 Suzuki Swift 60632 05-30-2021 $344

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