Educational and Fun Songs to Sing with Your Kids in the Car

Let’s face it, car rides with kids can be rough. They’re strapped in with nowhere to go and little to do. Many parents hand over their phone or iPad to occupy their tots. However, research has shown that increased screen time may be detrimental to a child’s social development. On the other hand, singing with your children has been shown to increase language acquisition and development. So, ditch the apps and try some of these great sing-a-long songs!

USDA NIFA Extension Fingerplays and Songs

Created by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, New Technologies for Ag Extension, this list of fingerplays and children’s songs has many well-known tunes, as well as some hidden gems to keep your child engaged.

Milne Publishing Songs for All Ages

This page offers a collection of great car songs suitable for a wide range of ages, and includes evidence-based research to support its healthy development message.

Hawaiian Cultural Kids Songs

Stuck in traffic? Take your family on a mental vacation to the Aloha State with these Hawaiian children's songs compiled by the University of Hawaii.

American Sign Language "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

An American Sign Language version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” promotes language learning development and inclusion. Plus, signing the song in the car gets the kids moving around!

British Council List of Children's Songs

These mostly original children’s songs are all accompanied with fun cartoons that make them even more memorable.

Historical Children's Songs

Take a trip back in time as you and your child sing nursery rhymes and children’s songs from the 1880’s.

Math Education Songs

Forget the calculator! These math songs cover the basics of counting all the way up to multiplication. For added fun, try counting all the blue cars you see out the window into the songs!

Science Songs about Soil

Who knew there was so much sing about dirt? These fun odes to mud, soil, and all things silty foster a keen interest in science and the environment.

Poison Safety Song

This informative ditty has a catchy melody and reinforces an important poison safety message.

4-H Songs Great for the Campfire (PDF)

The Kansas 4-H Handbook has an extensive catalog of songs that are just as enjoyable in the car as they are at camp.

Christmas Songs from Around the World

When Christmas is near, spread the cheer with carols from countries across the globe. These charming songs are especially fun on the way to family holiday gatherings!

National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences Educational Songs

Chockfull of classics, be sure your kid’s get their daily dose of the health-focused songs like, “Apples and Oranges” and “Cover Your Mouth and Turn Your Head”.

NASA's List of Space Songs

What kid doesn’t love outer space? These songs produced by NASA replace to words to commonly known children’s songs with rockets, planets, and stars. Transform the minivan into a rocket ship!

Songs About Helping Professions

With songs about a number of helping professions, this curated list focuses on fingerplays and songs aimed at introducing children to helping roles.

Handwashing Songs

Encourage proper hygiene with this song that makes washing hands fun! After a long day at the park, use this song on the way home to remind everyone to wash up!

Wildlife Handing Safety Song

Along the same lines, this song outlines proper hygiene after handling wildlife such as turtles and other reptiles.

Oral Hygiene Songs

Getting kids to brush their teeth can often be a chore, but this fun list of dental care songs will keep your child’s smile bright.

Songs About Animals

These children’s songs mostly focus on animals, with twists on a few classics like “Frere Jacques”.

Jim Gill's Children's Songs

- Jim Gill’s original songs include lyrics set to the melody of “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Do Re Mi”, adding an extra layer of learning to these already fun songs.

Pool Safety Song

On your way to the pool? This song about safe swimming will keep your kids humming along while teaching them four steps to stay safe in the water.

Food Safety Songs

The Environmental Protection Agency released these song ideas to reinforce food safety and hygiene practices. Perfect for a trip back from the grocery store.

Songs About Shapes and Math

This list of counting songs includes a counting rap and a song about identifying shapes.

Songs to Get Through Errands

Running errands with kids can be a slog. Worksongs brighten the mood, as you and the kids sing together to get the job done.

Homemade Instrument Songs

Incorporate some musicianship into your family singalongs, with instructions to make simple instruments and songs to use them with!

Classic Nursery Rhymes

These classic nursey rhymes that children, parents, and grandparents alike might recognize make singing with the whole family a snap.

Songs to Encourage Language Development

This specific list of nursey rhymes and fingerplays has been adapted to expose children to all of the different sounds and tones in the English language, giving them a jump start of reading readiness.

Educational Songs About Body Parts and Alliteration

- This site provides a few unique songs to help kids learn important concepts like parts of the body, alliteration, and more. It also includes an explanation of why an early introduction to interactive music might be linked to early literacy learning.

New Hit Children's Songs

This list curated by Stefan Shepard includes some new hits that will keep you from listening to the same songs in the car over and over.