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Looking to get rid of your car in Burlington, VT? Is it in great condition? Or, does it no longer run? Do you just want it gone immediately, but want to avoid becoming “duped” by private parties? 


Then SellMax is the service for you. We buy cars in Burlington!


Located near the shores of Lake Champlain, we will exchange cash for cars in Burlington, no matter the model, age, or condition. So what exactly can SellMax do for you? Trying giving our licensed business a call -typically, we purchase cars from clients the day they give us a call. 



So can I really Sell My Car For Cash In Burlington, VT?


We’ll give you cash for cars in Burlington. If you have a vehicle you need to get rid of, contact us. First, in either your initial call or when you fill-out out our form, we will ask for the basic information about the vehicle:


  • What year is the car? 

  • What’s its model? 

  • What kind of condition is it in?

With this information, our employees can provide the most accurate and fair quote for it.


These competitive and reliable offers are made immediately, but our staff won’t pressure you into accepting it on the spot. We aren’t interested in forcing someone to accept an offer that is unjust, in order for us to pay less.


Additionally, unlike private companies or other sellers, SellMax is honest and won’t unexpectedly add hidden fees. What is offered is what you’ll get.



What happens after you get the quote?


Once you accept an offer, it’s time to schedule the inspection. Either you can drop the vehicle off or our staff can work with your schedule to find the best time to tow it. If it isn’t at your home, don’t worry! We can meet anywhere you need in Burlington, including at work or elsewhere.


Once we arrive, our process is quick. Our workers will examine the vehicle and have you fill out some paperwork. Then we’re off and you’ll receive a nice sum of money! 

There will be nothing that will hinder how much cash you’ll get. You won’t find out later that there was some hidden fees nor conditions. Also, we won’t charge you when we tow your car away. We’re transparent in our services and won’t manipulate customers because of greed. 



“But what if my car isn’t what SellMax is looking for?”


Still hesitant to call? Worried that your ancient, no-longer-running automobile wouldn’t get an offer? Or that we wouldn’t desire a newer model? Well, rest easy. 


SellMax doesn’t discriminate against any car. We want them all! We even want that old, costly car that finally died. Contact our company, we make offers of cash for junk cars in Burlington. 

Here’s what we want to buy from you:

  • cars in as-is condition 

  • nice cars

  • new cars

  • old cars

  • damaged cars

  • non-running cars 

  • junk cars

  • Clunkers


SellMax’s Junk Yard Facilities


If your car no longer runs, we can take it to our junkyard which is even open on Sunday in Burlington.  When your vehicle reaches the point of no return, when spending money to repair it costs more than its worth, then you should consider our services. We will pay for your vehicle and take it to our junk facilities for you. There, we can recycle them or use their scrap metal. Also, others in need of specific car parts to make their own vehicle run can call our services in order to find and purchase these parts from us. 


Sometimes, the offers for scrap metal will fluctuate, but you should be wary of junk yards that have a poor reputation. Unlike SellMax, they may try to give you a significantly lower offer for your vehicle in order to increase the highest profit for themselves.


SellMax doesn’t change our quotes later on, but these other companies will propose an unfixed amount of money to exchange for your vehicle. In other words, this means they could add hidden fees you aren’t aware of or change their offer once you no longer possess the car. They may even charge you for pricey towing services. 


SellMax isn’t like that. Our offers are set in place and will not change. Furthermore, we follow the laws and regulations for this work that some other junk yards do not. 



But what if you still owe money for the car?


If your vehicle isn’t completely paid off, we will pay it off for you. If there is any remaining amount, we’ll give it to you. Our process is easy and we want it to be the same for the customers. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of your car, so SellMax will help you get this done. 



SellMax in Burlington


If you are looking to get rid of your car, SellMax may be the best option.


We have locations all across the US, especially in the beautiful city of Burlington, VT. So, whether your car is near North Beach Park or downtown by the farmers market, we will tow it away for free. No matter where they are, no matter their condition, we’ll give you cash for cars in Burlington. 

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