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Cash for Cars in Charleston

We Pay Cash for Cars in Charleston

Privately selling a used car in Charleston, South Carolina can be quite the chore. Selling anything on your own is a chore – there are too many moving pieces and boxes to check. Where do you list it? How many pictures do you have to take? What’s the best price? What happens if nobody wants to buy it? And on and on and on until your head spins off its axis.

 If only there was a quick and painless way to check “selling my old jalopy” off your to-do list and get the job done in one fell swoop.

Did you know that you can get cash for cars in Charleston?

That’s right. You can get cash in hand, today. No need to drag yourself down to a Charleston dealership where they’ll just wheel and deal you into a new version of the same hunk of junk you’re trying to free yourself from.

That won’t do at all. You have far better things to do on a Saturday afternoon. Like visit downtown. Maybe take a carriage ride. Relax by the harbor.

Enjoy the warm breeze with a mint julep. Or, you know, not spend your day stalking social media, waiting for messages that never come.

Why Should I Sell My Car To SellMax In Charleston?

Tired of staring at that hunk of garbage in your driveway? Did Great Aunt Mildred leave you her barely running Buick, but you’re more of a Chevy aficionado?  Did you buy the red Porsche when you really wanted the blue, and now the dealership won’t take it back? Have no fear – we can fix that. We offer free junk car removal in Charleston, South Carolina.

SellMax will buy your used car.

We will give you cash for your car. No matter what condition it’s in: whether it’s new, old, rusty, gross, clean, spotless, detailed, beautiful, or completely broken beyond repair. We’ll give you cash for junk cars in Charleston, regardless of whether or not you think it’s worth anything.

We’ll buy your car in any condition:

  • Is it broken? We’ll buy it.
  • Is it perfect? We’ll buy it.
  • Is it mostly okay, except maybe the muffler’s hanging a bit low? We’ll buy it.
  • Is it perfect, except there’s a hole in the roof and it won’t start, and there’s a nest of birds living in the engine? We’ll buy it.
  • Is the car, truck, or van sitting at your home and damaged, or wrecked? We buy cars in all conditions, so don't worry.
  • All years, makes, and models accepted.

We buy cars in Charleston in any condition. As-is, right off the lot, or maybe you just aren’t certain, and you just don’t feel like taking it to a mechanic to find out for sure. We are simply the easiest way to sell your car.

Avoid those pesky lemon laws and sell your hunk of metal to us, whether it runs or not. We don’t care. We’ll buy your car and give you a fair price, to boot. Probably better than the “other guys,” too.

Don’t waste your time calling a junk yard in Charleston – let us handle it for you.

Here’s the skinny, Minnie.

Here’s what you have to do, good citizens of Charleston. Yes, there is some audience participation for this part, but we promise that it’ll be worth your while. We’re doing all the work for you!

  • Call us. We aren’t psychic, unfortunately. If you’re not into the phone, just fill out our handy-dandy online contact form. You could try sending a carrier pigeon, but that method is not guaranteed. It’s probably best to just call.
  • Give us the details. The deets. The skinny. The low-down. Due to the aforementioned lack of psychic abilities, we’re going to need some details about your car. But nothing too intense, don’t stress. Our operators will ask you a couple of questions. We'll need the year, make, model, and some information regarding the condition of the car.
  • We’ll give you a quote, with a price that’s fair. Our overhead is lower than some of the other guys, so we are confident we can give you the best price for your beloved vehicle.
  • Schedule a rendezvous. You dictate the place and time, and we coordinate our representatives accordingly. Do you want us to come to your house in Charleston? Maybe an empty parking lot behind the mall? Maybe on the moon? Okay, we can’t come to the moon, but we don’t mind meeting you where you choose.
  • Once the place and time are set, we’ll come to you. You fill out some boring paperwork and exchange the title but don’t worry: it won’t take long.
  • Get paid on the spot. We give you cash or a check.
  • Cash! And we come to your location such as your home or business. Plus, we provide Free Towing!
  • You’re done.

That’s really it. As one of the scrap metal buyers in Charleston choose SellMax to be your official junk car buyer. We won't disappoint.

We make it easy to sell your junk cars for cash You can’t imagine a quicker, easier scenario, can you? We even come to you, so you don't have to drive to us.

We give you cash for vehicles in Charleston and send you on your merry way. That’s really it. Then you can back to all the fun stuff, like horse-drawn carriage rides through the park.

And mint juleps. Maybe you’ll drink a mint julep while you’re taking a horse-drawn carriage ride. You’ll be able to afford plenty with the cash we give you for your used clunker.

Quick and easy is the name of the game.

We boast an exceptionally quick turnaround. When customers call, we answer, and we do our best to get out there and send you on your way as quickly as possible. Often, this is a same-day service!

Crazy, right? Cash for junk cars in Charleston on the same day!

 Imagine what you could do with all that free time. How many hours of your life would be spared from fretting about the clunker in your driveway – leaving a nasty oil puddle and rusting out the bottom, wasting away.

It’s a shame, really. That could be money in your pocket, as long as you pick up the phone and call us right away.

So what are you waiting for?

Call us and schedule a pick-up in Charleston, today. Get back to doing the fun stuff. Stop stressing about selling your used car and let us do the work for you.


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