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Cash for Cars in Columbus, Ohio

There will eventually come a time in your life when you feel the need to toss your old beloved car you spent years with. You will need to buy a new one. Your previous car may not have the new updates you’ve been wishing for, and it frankly, it isn’t the sweet ride it used to be.


As we all know, selling a car in Columbus, Ohio can be a hassle. We may even dread the thought of it. Where do you start? Well, you can start with SellMax for one.


Why Should I Sell My Car To SellMax In Columbus, Ohio?


Don’t think a beat-up car will ruin your opportunity to sell us your car. We buy all vehicles in all kinds of conditions, so don’t try and sell your vehicle short! Even the damaged cars are accepted by you, a customer might ask? Of course! You name it, we’ll take it. This includes:



You heard this right. We will take all cars! Getting cash for junk cars in Columbus, Ohio isn’t a bad deal. This is as good as it sounds!

What is SellMax?

Let’s talk about our company for a quick moment. SellMax buys individual’s cars through their secure and trust-worthy system they run.


Because of this new idea, we decided Columbus would need our new service. In the end, we ended up setting a location here in the big city. However, SellMax isn’t just limited to your Columbus, Ohio location. We’re a well-known company around the different states and we are growing in popularity! Our first location started off paying cash for junk cars in San Diego. Shortly after we began offering cash for cars in Portland.

Our Car Buying Process In Columbus Will Shock You!

This is the next and most important segment of the car-selling process with us. Make sure you’re ready to commit to our service in Columbus when you complete these next four steps.


SellMax guarantees you that our process is much easier than the usual long and stress-filled car-selling can be. In fact, you could sell us your vehicle from your own room if you so desire to! Here’s how!


1. The Informational Form


This is important because we want to give you the very best offer. The first step in the process involves our customers letting us know a bit about your car. It’s okay, we want to get to know them! A background check one might say. Either way, the information we need from you is the vehicle’s model, the location, the car’s year, and the present condition it’s in.

2. We Will Give You Your Junk Car Quote


What’s your car’s worth? Good question. Well, once we have all of the details about your vehicle, we will provide you with a satisfying and hopefully a jaw-dropping price that is sure to be higher than what you expected! SellMax will do our best to give you the best cash for your vehicle in Columbus, Ohio!

3. We Will Come To You And Offer Free Junk Car Removal


You heard that right. You don’t have to flick your TV off and worry about finding someone to help travel through the busy streets of Columbus to dump your vehicle off.


We personally will venture out to your location in your Columbus area. We will pick up your vehicle too. This will be free of charge!


It’s a good deal. So, while our team member is there, they will give your vehicle a quick but thorough examination, and have you sign some follow-up forms that make the sale of your used car official!


This reduces your much unneeded stress of going to the DMV yourself. You’ll also have a bit more to look forward to.

4. We Will Pay You Your Cash In Columbus!

Uh-huh! Probably the best part of your experience. We will give you the promised cash to you. We will then tow or maybe drive (depending on its condition) your vehicle away.


No catches either! It is that simple. Well, I probably know what you’re thinking. Everything does have a catch. But SellMax doesn’t believe in any surprise fees. The cash amount that is officially quoted is what you will 100% receive. Our company lives on this fact!


What are you Waiting For? Sell Us Your Car In Columbus, Ohio


Try our cash for cars service! Check us out. Contact SellMax now and ask any additional questions you may have. Sell us your vehicle and get back the money you would like.


Give SellMax a try, and we will not let you down. Getting cash for junk cars in Columbus can be hard to find. If you really want to sell your car and don’t want to have to deal with a crazy amount of stress, papers and requirements from trading in a car at dealerships, check us out.


We come to your door. On our website, there is more information about our whereabouts, but be sure to check out our Columbus, Ohio location. We have top-of-the-line customer service at the other end of your phone and they are happily awaiting your calls!


Contact your SellMax to get an instant offer on your car!




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